Hamilton (Alexander) Senior High School

Los Angeles, CA

CLASS: 2016


height: 5'8" weight: 140

  • Deluxe-medium

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Brittany Pedrosa



Brittany Pedrosa Stats

Athletic Stats

  • 24
    Vertical jump
Positions Played

Setter, Right Side, Defense Specialist, Middle Blocker, Outside Hitter

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Additional Info

Currently part of SCVA High Performance Regional Team as Outside Hitter (Competing in USAV HP
Starting Outside Hitter and Team Captain for SCVA High Performance team 2014
Championship of Flight 2 division in Tulsa, Oklahoma July 2014
Head Captain for High School Season as Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior
Head Captain for last 3 years in club.
Assistant at the age of 14 in the Culver Volleyball summer camp for 8-12 year olds in 2012.
USAV High Performance Program A2 (summer 2013)
Made Blue team (Top 3rd team) In HP Program as starting Opposite Hitter (summer 2013)
Participated in AAU Girls'Beach volleyball tournaments in 2011-2012

Notable links:

VPI as Bib #368 at http://portal.avcavpi.com/event/TCXHJS


MVP High School Season as Freshman and Sophomore.
1st team in "All-Western Girls' Varsity Volleyball Teams" as Freshman and Sophomore as Outside Hitter.
3rd place in SCVA Annual Summer Soiree at age of 12.
4th place with SCVA HP in Youth International Girl's High Performance tournament 2014

Teams & Coach Information

High School Coach:
Justin Kainoa
Club Coach:
Carrie Haley


How I am involved in service in my community and why these efforts are important to me:

Throughout the years I have participated in many organizations to help the homeless, parades, children, students, and the church. Every Thanksgiving I am active in an event in which we feed, clothe, clean, and entertain the homeless. In addition I have also gone on mission trips with my church to Mexico for Christmas. Here we donated clothing, cleaning supplies, caroled, and fed thousands of children. On top of that, I have been extremely active in serving my church's youth group. I am in their youth band as a guitarist/vocalist and also a leader for the Junior High service. These duties consisted of rehearsals every Thursday evening, forming new games, leading prayer groups, and also causing thought provoking questions to teach the kids. Currently I am working at Cheviot Hills Rec. center as an assistant counselor. I work in the Day and Sports camp with kids ranging from ages 3-12. As an employee I must organize/participate in games, field trips, supervising, and scheduling.
All of the work I do whether it's with the unfortunate or not is my way of reaching out to people. I love communicating with diverse groups and understanding cultures. It keeps an open mind and allows me to learn how certain people react versus others. In addition, by working with generally flexible-minded kids, I can influence certain thought-patterns and lead them to success for when they get to my age. By using personal experience, I am able to connect with the children and become their outlet. Therefore they're not only finding security in me, but I am also learning about growth and the mind from them. It maintains a steady path of progression for me and those I am working with.

Athletes are often leaders on and off the field. One example of how I have demonstrated leadership in both areas:

In terms of volleyball, I have been the head captain for every team that I have been on since I was 14; even as a freshman in high school to now, I have been captain. As a captain, I have been setting an example by committing, always going 120% at practices, showing enthusiasm and consideration towards my teammates, playing for my team and not just myself, being aggressive, always being open for new ideas or suggestions, and excelling in my schoolwork.

Outside of volleyball, I was a youth leader at my church's youth program from the age of 12 to now. As a leader, I had to lead prayer groups, reach out to the new-comers at our church, help organize the music set up or layout of the area, perform (not required for all leaders), and direct actions for activities during the service. This was a great way to interact with others and since I was surrounded by those of the same faith, there were little worries and little negativity. Even in times of stress, having the outlook of a bright future made every action made used go towards a positive direction.

How I pursue "healthy athletic performance" as a student-athlete:

To succeed as a healthy student-athlete, time management is critical. In addition, making sure you have a balanced food schedule and getting enough rest. If you cram yourself too much, you won't be able to really focus on one aspect to excel on. I always make sure my plans are organized a week prior. Everything revolves around school, second is volleyball. If I know I have academic events or critical projects, then I may have to set some of my volleyball aside. However, I always find a way to push through and complete all my tasks in order to attend all the volleyball programs I want to participate in. Outside of volleyball, I also stay balanced by participating in music events/programs at my school and church and maintaining a healthy social life by surrounding myself with people who have drive.
In terms of nutrition and fitness, other than the weight room sessions we have apart of our club, I also attend the gym regularly (3-4 times a week) with my brother. I participate in Pilates and yoga and other than that I also attend Open Gym regularly. I always play with the older men which is definitely a bonus considering their longer experience and greater skill; it keeps me learning. Nutrition wise, every day I substitute a meal with a healthy blend of fresh vegetables, fruits, almond milk, and various seeds (i.e. chia and flax) to get my daily servings of fruits and vegetables. I don't drink soda or eat fast food, although I am not exactly a strict health person. Knowing that everyone's body is different, I tend to eat carbs before games and practices to give me energy.