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My name is Thomas Petronis and I am currently finishing my Junior Year at Xaverian High School in Brooklyn, New York.
I currently play for three Soccer Teams as of now which is the Xaverian Varsity Soccer Team, the New York Empire State Games Team and the Brooklyn Italians and currently trying out for the New York Stars. I am a starter on all three teams as a defensive-center midfield. In my past experiences I have played in the Super-Y League for the Ironbound Crusaders for two years in a row. In 2004 we won the regional tournament in Lagrange, New York and went to Nationals in North Carolina. As a player on the Crusaders I was a starting midfielder throughout both years on the team. From 2001-2005 I played with the Staten Island Flames. In 2002 and 2003 we went to the State Cup Semi Finals and were upsetted both years unfortunately. I played in many regional tournaments when on the Staten Island Flames such as the Fort Dix Tournament in New Jersey, Lagrange Tournament in Upstate New York, State Cup and many more. I played U.S. Club Soccer and in the Mid-Atlantic Premier Soccer league(MAPS) . In MAPS we won the league and went undefeated. While on the Flames I was also a starting Midfelder. When I was alot younger, I played for GJOA Thunder which was located in Brooklyn, New York. I played on the team for four years from 1997-2001. While on the Thunder I also played in many tournaments in the Northeastern area. I started as a forward but quickly moved from a forward to a midfielder.
During my time as a soccer player I have also played on many select teams and played as a guest player on many teams. In 2002-2003 I tried out for the Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League Select Team and succesfully made it. I started nearly every game as a midfielder and played in such tournaments as the Pocono Cup and the Liberty Cup which was located at the Soccer Hall of Fame.

The Club Team I play for as of now is the Brooklyn Italians. With the Brooklyn Italians I went to the Nationally ranked Dallas Cup in Dallas, Texas in 2006. In 2005 I traveled with the Brooklyn Italians to Italy in which we played in an International tournament with teams from all over the world. As of now, I play in three diffrent leagues with the Brooklyn Italians, MAPS in which we are so far undefeated, Cosmopolitan Soccer League(Tied for First) and recently finished U.S. Club Soccer. We are considered a division 1 team and are very competitive throughout the region. I start as a Defensive- Center Midfield.

The High School I currently attend is Xaverian High School in Brooklyn. I played and started for the Xaverian Varsity Soccer Team as a Junior and played Center Midfeld. I believe our record by the end of the season was 6-3-3. We lost a very close game to Fordham Prep High School in the City Semi-Finals 1-0. My Freshman and Sophmore Year I played on the JV Soccer Team. We won the city championship Freshmen Year and went undefeated. My sophmore year we lost only two games and still went on to win the City championship. Hopefully during my last year as a senior we can hope to capture yet again another championship and maybe even state. I will graduate in 2008.


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