Lemoyne College Visit 11/4/2012
November 14, 2012
Enjoyed a great visit to Lemoyne College on 11/4/2012.

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2014 Lisbon Central School Varsity Softball Schedule (Senior)
March 30, 2014
4/8/14 - Lisbon CS vs. Edwards-Knox CS @ EK CS 4:30 4/10/14 - Morristown CS vs Lisbon CS @ Lisbon CS 4:30 4/23/14 -Lisbon CS vs Clifton-Fine CS @ C-F CS 4:30 4/25/14 -Lisbon CS vs Hammond CS @...
2013 LCS Academic All American
June 14, 2013
On 6/4/13, I was awarded a certificate for the Lisbon Central School Academic All American Awards. This award is the LCS Academic Honors Award, awarded to athletes who achieve and maintain an...
5/28/13 Section 10 Class D Semi-Final Playoff
June 14, 2013
On 5/28/13, playing our best ball of the season & going into the Bottom of the 6th inning ahead 6-1 vs Chateaugay, a dramatic Win was in the making (but not for the Lady Knights of Lisbon). I hung...
5/22/13 Section 10 Class D Quarter-Final Playoff
June 14, 2013
On 5/22/13, the Lisbon Lady Knights won our 10 inning marathon quarter-final playoff 4-3, which was a quarter-final playoff rematch from 2012 season vs Colton-Pierrepont. Both teams were evenly...
5/17/13- Final Varsity Regular Season Game
May 22, 2013
On 5/17/13, I pitched my 3rd Varsity complete game Loss this season for the Lady Knights. The game was tied 1-1 with 1 Out in Bottom of 7th, a blooper Single just behind 2nd base scored the winning...
2013 National Technical Honor Society Inductee
May 22, 2013
On 5/16/13, I became an inductee in the 2013 National Technical Honor Society, Donald F. Burns Chapter, through BOCES Northwest Technical School Criminal Justice Study.
5/15/13 Win #10 in Relief
May 22, 2013
On 5/15/13, I pitched 4 innings in relief securing the #10th Win for the Lady Golden Knights of Lisbon (my 9th overall Win). I fanned 4 K's, only allowing 2 Hits, and 1 Walk. I also hit for 1...
*GRAND SLAM* Alyshia Murray's 1 Swing of her Bat
May 20, 2013
On 5/13/13, I belted my 1st Varsity GRAND SLAM and a Single to plate a total of 5 RBI's. I also pitched the complete game Win(16-8), my 9th complete game win of the season @ home vs Morristown,...
#20 New York State Rank Class D Softball (NYSPHSAA)
May 20, 2013
On 5/10/13, the Lisbon Varsity Softball was announced as the top #20 ranked New York State Class D team by (NYSPHSAA) New York State Public High School Athletic Association, great news for our...
5/9/13 11th Varsity Game-A Complete Game Loss #2
May 20, 2013
On 5/9/13, I pitched another complete game, this time for my 2nd overall season loss (6-1) vs none other than the Heuvelton Lady Bulldogs, again! I did however limit them to only 5 Hits and 1...
5/7/13- SUNY Canton College Coach Klahold Thank You
May 9, 2013
A tremendous Thank You goes out to SUNY Canton College Softball Head Coach Klahold on taking the time out of your busy schedule to come watch me compete @ the Hermon- DeKalb CS game on 5/7/13. It...
5/7/13- 10th Varsity Game Another Complete Win
May 9, 2013
On 5/7/13, I pitched my #8 complete game Win (13-11) for the Lisbon Lady Knights away on the road @ Hermon-DeKalb CS. I had 5 K's, gave up 2 Walks, and got socked with 11 Hits (5 on errors by...
5/3/13- 9th Varsity Game-Complete Win
May 9, 2013
On 5/3/13, I pitched my 7th complete game Win of 2013 (15-8) @ Home vs Harrisville CS). This puts my record @ 7-1 overall this year. I pitched 6 K's, 1 Walk, and gave up 6 Hits total. Offensively,...
5/1/13- 8th Varsity Game
May 9, 2013
On 5/1/13, I was unavailable to play in the Lisbon Lady Knights 8th Varsity game of 2013. Sad to say that my team lost the game due to many errors committed defensively on the road vs Hammond CS....
4/29/13- 7th Varsity Game Win Pitched
May 9, 2013
On 4/29/13, I pitched another Win (#6) for the Lady Knights of Lisbon @ home vs Edwards-Knox CS. This time 5 solid innings, giving way to my relief pitcher & BFF Morgan Beldock to Save the Win. I...
4/25/13- 6th Varsity Game Complete Win
May 1, 2013
On 4/25/13, I pitched my 6th straight complete game, a Win (14-4) on the road @ Clifton-Fine CS. I am now 5-1 as a 3rd year starting pitcher for the Lady Knights of Lisbon. This game I had 5k's, 1...
4/23/13- 5th Varsity Game Complete Game Win
April 30, 2013
On 4/23/13, I pitched my 5th complete game, this one resulting in another Win (9-7) away on the road @ Morristown CS. This puts Lisbon @ 4-1 of 5 games played. I gave up 8 Hits, 1 Walk, and had 4...
4/22/13 4th Varsity Game- A SHUTOUT!
April 30, 2013
On 4/22/13, I pitched another complete game Win (4th complete game of 4), this time a SHUTOUT on the road vs Harrisville CS. I gave up 3 total hits, 2 Walks, with 5 K's in this 5 inning game due to...
4/17/13- 3rd Varsity Game
April 19, 2013
Another complete game pitched (3 of 3), this time for my 1st season 11-4 loss @ a tough and productive #9 Class D State Ranked Heuvelton squad. I got rocked for 15 Hits, 2 Walks, and 3 K's. I hit...
4/15/13- 2nd Game Varsity Season
April 17, 2013
On 4/15/13 our 2nd game of the season, I pitched another complete game Win for the Lady Knights of Lisbon. I gave up 9 Hits, a Walk, with 3 K's. It was a very stubborn night on the offensive side,...
4/10/13- 2013 Varsity Softball 1st Game
April 12, 2013
On a cold 4/10/13 (1st game of season), I pitched a complete game Win (11-8) vs Hammond CS, scattering 9 Hits, 5 Walks, & 4 K's for the Lady Knights. Offensively, I supported our cause with a Walk,...
2013 Lisbon Central School Varsity Softball Schedule
March 29, 2013
4/10/13: Hammond CS @ Lisbon CS 4:30pm 4/11/13: Lisbon CS @ Harrisville CS 4:30pm 4/15/13: Hermon-DeKalb CS @ Lisbon CS 4:30pm 4/17/13: Lisbon CS @ Heuvelton CS 4:30pm 4/23/13: Lisbon CS @...
Presidential Inauguration Trip
January 19, 2013
On a mini vacation for the next 5 days to the Presidential Inauguration & then back home to continue with my off season training @ SUNY Canton College, 6 sessions of Pitching & Hitting Clinics
11/25/2012- College Softball Prospect Camp & Showcase
November 15, 2012
On 11/25/2012, I will be showcasing my Softball skills @ College Softball Prospect Camp & Showcase @ SUNY IT Fieldhouse in Utica,NY- Hitting Session & Pitching Session
2nd All Northern Athletic Conference 2nd Team Award 2012
November 14, 2012
On 11/13/12, I earned my 2nd All Northern Athletic Conference 2nd Team All Conference Award in 2012- SOFTBALL & SOCCER!
Lemoyne College Visit 11/4/2012
November 14, 2012
Enjoyed a great visit to Lemoyne College on 11/4/2012.
2012 All Northern 2nd Team Softball Selection in NAC (Northern Athletic Conference)
May 24, 2012

On 5/23/2012, I was selected to the NAC All Northern 2nd Team Softball as a Sophomore for Lisbon Central School

Section 10 Class D Quarter Final Game 5/23/12
May 23, 2012
I will be competing in the Section 10 Class D Quarter Final Game vs #1 Seed Colton-Pierrepont CS @ Colton-Pierrepont CS on 5/23/12 @ 4:30pm
#8 Alyshia Murray Lisbon Central School
1st Varsity Save 5/21/12 as Sophomore
May 22, 2012
 Just earned my 1st Varsity Save on 5/21/12, pitching in relief from Bottom of 5th, down by 9 Runs, away vs. Harrisville Central School. Final score was 19 Lisbon 17 Harrisville in Bottom of...
1st Varsity Homerun 5/16/2012 as Sophomore- A Solo Shot
May 17, 2012
Hit my 1st Varsity Homerun (Solo) this year;as a Sophomore Starting RHP, taking a tough loss on the road and my pitching record to 3 Wins 4 Losses on the year with 3 games left till playoffs!
2012 Lisbon Central School Varsity Softball Co-Captain
March 24, 2012

It's time to take my next step to Commit, Lead, and Succeed. I have been chosen to Co-Captain my Varsity Softball team as a Sophomore in my 2nd year of Varsity.

2012 Lisbon Central School Varsity Softball Schedule
March 12, 2012
3/27- Lisbon CS @ Ogdensburg Free Academy @ 4:00pm *Scrimmage*
4/17- Lisbon CS @ Chateaugay CHS- @ 4:30pm- AWAY
4/19- Lisbon CS @ Heuvelton CS- @ 4:30pm- AWAY
4/21- **Lisbon Central School...