Ice Hockey




Little Ferry, NJ

CLASS: 2012


height:5'11" weight:140

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Nathan Leo



Athletic Stats

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Position: Goaltender
Goals against1759
shots on goal206605
Career wins15
Career losses3
Career ties4
Career shut outs6
Team Record
Wins 15
Ties 1
Additional Info

Made the AYHL District playoffs in 2007, played with the Rangers Squirt A two years , Avalanche Peewee AA, Devils Peewee Major, Bantam Minor, Bantam AA, and played Bayonne 18A since I was 15. I've also played varsity hockey for St. Peter's Prep for all my years there.


The Zero Club in the AYHL.

Teams & Coach Information

High School Coach:
Michael Goodrich
Club Coach:


How I am involved in service in my community and why these efforts are important to me:

I am involved with my community by coaching kids 9 and under how to skate and play hockey. I have also volunteered at the special olympics of New Jersey. These efforts are important to me because I was once taught to play so I have decided to give back and teach little kids like I once was. I also helped with the Special Olympics because the joy of seeing a kid who isn't socially accepted to well be happy and smile is the greatest feeling ever. I am honored to be able to do the things I do so I want to help kids achieve the best they possibly can.

Athletes are often leaders on and off the field. One example of how I have demonstrated leadership in both areas:

I have been a leader on the ice the last few years, if my team lost the championship and it was a rough game. After a player received their medals they wouldn't go over to the other team and shake hands. This happened a few times and when my name was called, after I got my medal I would go over and shake their hands and some of my teammates followed me. Off the ice I show my leadership by standing up for a kid being made fun off, and helping this person if they are in need of someone.