Orlando, FL

CLASS: 2014


height:5'9" weight:144

Zoe Myatt



Zoe has committed to Eckerd College

Athletic Stats

  • R
Position: Goal Keeper

Athelete of the Month (High School), Lettered in High School for Varsity Soccer (Freshman, Soph., and current Junior year), Lettered for Varsity Flag Football (Freshman and Soph. year).

Teams & Coach Information

High School Coach:
Freedom High School
Club Coach:
Jack Palmquist


How I am involved in service in my community and why these efforts are important to me:

I'm involved in my local community by dedicated my time the last couple of summers, while continuing to condition (cardio & field conditioning). I donate my time to the Maitland Soccer Club Summer Camps, working with upcoming soccer stars (children), showing them the passion they could enjoy with soccer, and working with groups of children in the net (goal).

It's always a great thing to have multiple soccer players see me on the field and off, that I have worked with the last couple of summers, seeing their personal growth and accomplishments.

Athletes are often leaders on and off the field. One example of how I have demonstrated leadership in both areas:

As a leading top high school Central Florida Varsity Goalie, I've been put in multiple PK's with my High School Varsity Team and Club Team. Taking my team to districts in PK saves (3 out of 5 saves). It's a head game to get in the net with PK's to win, but it's something that I'm good at, and am always their for my team.

Off the field, I work with a couple of girls off my high school team, and helping them as a tudor, and being there to listen to school and family issues. I try to help all that I can, and everyone on my High School Team, Club Team, Coaches, and Parents, know that I'm an old soul, with allot of fight.

How I pursue "healthy athletic performance" as a student-athlete:

As a healthy athlete, I work out during the High School season 5 days a week, with games 2 to 3 nights a week. I work out with my Club Team 3 nights a week, with sometimes 2 games on weekends (plus showcase and tournament travel). I work out with my High School Coach in the net on the weekends (one on one) a couple of times a month, and work out with my Division 1 Goalie Trainer (once to twice a month), whom trains me the same as she trains her Division 1 College Goalies.

During the summer I get about a two to three week break, were I visit my Grandparents in Santa Cruz, Ca., and spend a week for my birthday (July 4th) at a condo with my Dad, Brother, and a couple of friends. My Dad has had are ntal condo at New Smyrna Beach, and we have been going as a family since I was 5 yrs. old. It gives me time to enjoy longboarding, surfing, kicking the ball on the sand with my Dad, and enjoy going on walks with my Dad in the mornings on the beach, for our morning excercise.