Pittsburg, KS

CLASS: 2013


height:6'1" weight:175

Zack Woods



Athletic Stats

  • 27
    Vertical jump
  • 265
    Bench Press (max)
  • 65
Position: Wide Receiver
Receiving yards218
Receiving touchdowns3
Longest reception56
Special TeamsSeasonCareer
Fumble recoveries37
Penalty yards lost35

Teams & Coach Information

High School Coach:
Tom nickelson


How I am involved in service in my community and why these efforts are important to me:

At our school to play dragon football you have to have pride, that's all it takes and if you dont have it then you aren't a true member of the team. Our football program lives on and on with all the alumni that still watch our games and give us pre game talked. They talk about pride and that's all it takes to win a football game is dragon pride. I love playing for this community and having my little brothers and his friends look up to me and watching our games on Friday nights. Its the best thing god has ever given me, football and my family. I could never live without those 2 things in my life.

Athletes are often leaders on and off the field. One example of how I have demonstrated leadership in both areas:

I like to push my teammates and compete with them to make us both better and I believe that there is no I in team and never will be. You play as a team and you lose as a team no matter what happens Friday nights on that football the field and whenever im not with my team I help out the little ones like for instance my brothers and I always tell them to work harder than they have ever worked no matter what they are doing and to be successfull at anything they want to do and I tell them it just takes hard work and practice to succeed.

How I pursue "healthy athletic performance" as a student-athlete:

School comes first infront of everything else, then athletics. To be a student athlete you need to be doing good in the classroom and good outside of the classroom to succeed. School is most important without a doubt.