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Club John Anselmo West Nike Elite West Los Angeles Ca
High School Rainy Smith
Physical Attributes
Wingspan Vertical jump
- 5
Volleyball Honors

As a freshman I skipped the fresh/soph team and went right to the JV team. As a sophmore I started in all the matches. I am a well rounded player, I am known as a utility player and have played all positions. It does not matter to me where I am playing on the court, just as long as I am playing. I am willing to play any position. My junior year I switched positions to setter. I have really good hands and setting just came naturally to me. I did not make the varsity team however I got to start every game and became a leader for my other 15 teammates.

Volleyball Additional

My second year as a club volleyball player at age 13 my team played in the gold division as well as my third year team, we played in division 4. This year in my club season we traveled a lot. We went to Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and Florida. I really enjoyed the time with my teammates and learned a lot during this time.


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Guidance Counselor
Tiffani Traina
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Health Professions and Related Sciences
Nursing Science (MS, PhD)
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Financial Mathematics
Other Academic Information
I have taken 2 years of Spanish. I think it is important to learn other languages, especially Spanish since I live in Los Angeles. I also have taken AVID and Im going to continue to take it for 4 years. It is a college bound class that helps you keep your grades up and guides you to college. AVID shows dedication and commitment.
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Personal Highlights

I love volleyball and track, many times I run an extra lap to get extra credit.
I strive for excellence and work really hard to be the best I can be in sports and in each class.
I am a very hard worker. I am a big help to my parents. I have my CPR license and have taken classes on a college campus during the summer. I have been playing volleyball since I was 3rd grade and this is my 7th year playing club. In high school for freshman volleyball tryouts I skipped fresh/soph team and went right to JV. I have always had very good hands so in my junior year I took a gamble and started setting. I did not make the varsity team by doing this however this opened up other avenues for me. I ended up being the captain of the JV team and set every game. I became a leader to my other teammates and I really got to shine. I have found and learned that making the best team may be what everyone wants however it's what you do with the your time while your there. I made a huge impact for the JV team and taking the gamble and switching positions in such a critical year proved to be the right thing for me. Not only am I a good volleyball player now, I am a great leader. I have more video then what is on this site. Email me and I can forward it.

Additional Questions:
Why do you want to be recruited to play sports in college?
Athletes are often leaders on and off the field. Please provide one example of how you have demonstrated leadership in both areas.

I always encourange my fellow players on and off the court. Im a big believer in team work and team encouragement. I try to make people smile and when I see someone down, I try to make their day better. Im a big helper with the homeless and help where I can with them. I give them food, blankets and gather any extra clothes to donate. I also help the under privelaged at my school. I collect dresses and when I see that their is a fellow school mate that cant afford a prom or dance dress, I reach out and let them borrow one for the night. I feel that every girl has the right to feel special!

Please explain how you pursue "healthy athletic performance" as a student-athlete.

I am a big advocate on health. I exercise regularly and even do more then is required. I am a very healthy eater and encourage people around me to do the same. I love to run, and do core work, this helps me with playing volleyball. Being an athlete it is important to be healthy and stay fit.

Please describe how you are involved in service in your community and why these efforts are important to you.

There are many school activities at our school and I volunteer to help at each of them. Giving back to the community is very important to me. It makes me feel that I am apart of my school, my community and the surrounding society. I am a very helpful person, to my parents, neighbors, teachers and coaches. Im the first one to volunteer for any job regarless what it entails. I currently tutor 2 freshman in math and history and volunteer at my elementary catholic school.

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