Kearny High School

Kearny, NJ

CLASS: 2014


height:5'2" weight:110

Nathalia Fagundes



Athletic Stats

Positions: Coxswain, Port, Starboard
Erging Best Distance (m)
20 Minute5,437
Additional Info

Lightweight rower my whole life.
Because of height and weight, now on the path of becoming a coxswain. I find having past experience as a rower helps a lot as a coxswain. I better understand what my rowers go through and how to motivate all of them.


Seat 4 and 5 Freshman Eight and Seat 2 Freshman Four- Novice Year
Seat 4 Junior Eight- Novice Year
Seat 2 Lightweight Four- Varsity
Stroke Junior Eight- Varsity
Stroke Lightweight Four- Varsity

Teams & Coach Information

High School Coach:
David Paszkiewicz


How I am involved in service in my community and why these efforts are important to me:

I volunteer at my local dance studio. I love to dance and find it very rewarding to be able to help others find that love of dance as well.
I also volunteer for Camp Fatima. Camp Fatima is a not-for-profit, non-sectarian organization designed for children and adults with developmental disabilities. Camp Fatima has allowed me to help other children and adults in ways I never thought were possible. I have gained so much from it.

Athletes are often leaders on and off the field. One example of how I have demonstrated leadership in both areas:

Athletes are leaders on and off the field. In the classroom, I like to be the student who motivates everyone around them. Instead of being in the group of students who ask the teacher if they can have a free period, I am the student who asks the teacher if we can discuss the homework further, or if we can have extra reinforcement on the lesson covered. On the field, I also like to motivate my peers. I like to remind them that they can achieve their goals if they put in the work. I encourage my fellow teammates to finish all workouts giving it 100% each time because it will pay off in the end.

How I pursue "healthy athletic performance" as a student-athlete:

Student-athletes have a lot of pressure on them to be the best, both on the field and in school. Healthy athletic performance, to me, means understand what is expected of you and being able to achieve that without hurting yourself and others. Many athletes focus on being the best athlete forget about their health. They train so many hours a day or engage in bad habits. Some even forget about school and risk being kicked off the team. I pursue "healthy athletic performance" as a student-athlete by finding a happy medium. I focus extremely hard on my academics during school hours, then at practice all my focus goes toward my sport. Once practice is done, I don't just forget about my academics, I remind myself that school comes first and sports come second. I put in just as much time in books and studying as I do to practice. A balance is needed for healthy athletic performance.