Coach Info
Name Phone Email Team Name City State
Club Todd Anderson and Jason Caspers Racine Tennis Club - -
High School Mike Johnson
Physical Attributes
USTA Section Hand Bench Press (max) Wingspan Vertical jump Avg. Serve MPH Best Serve MPH
- R 140 73 - 93 107
Tennis Honors

Received Rebel MVP for our high school team my senior year. Played #1 singles then switched over to #1 doubles because of a fellow team mate's injury. At number #1 doubles, my partner and I went to the Wisconsin state tournament and finished in the top 25 at state.

Tennis Additional

I started playing tennis my junior year of high school and played 6-7 days a week for the past 2 years. As you can see I became quite good over the last 2 years as I reached the top of my high school's tennis team last season. However since I have just recently enter the game and due to lack of funds, I have not been able to play enough tournaments to receive a USTA Ranking. My best skills I believe are my serve and my speed and agility on the court. I have an enormous amount of determination and am doing everthing I possibly can to play tennis in college next year. I believe I have a natural talent for tennis and can be potentially developed into an even greater player if given the chance to prove myself. I have a video of me hitting the ball in some work outs, so if interested please contact me and I will send a copy to you. If recruited, I will be able to add a great deal of depth to your team's roster.


SAT Reading
SAT Writing
SAT Math
SAT Score (Composite)
ACT Score (Composite)
High School
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
School City
School State
Guidance Counselor
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Class Size
School Size
Class Rank
School Division
Other Academic Information
I was class president at Racine William Horlick High School and graduated in the top 3% of my class with a GPA of 4.26/4.00 scale.
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Personal Highlights

I am an incoming freshman at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and I am looking for the possibility of playing tennis in college next year because UW-Milwaukee does not have a NCAA Men's Tennis Team.

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