A Letter of Recommendation
May 20, 2013
Hi Coaches!

I thought I would share one of my letters of recommendation written by Nate, my strength and conditioning coach.

To Whom in May Concern:
This serves as a letter of reference for Ms. Hannah Sholtis. It is my honor to recommend Ms. Sholtis. I have known her since March of 2009 as her performance coach and trainer at the Orthopedic and Sports Enhancement Center in Bloomington, IL.
Hannah has been a committed off-season athlete at the Orthopedic and Sports Enhancement Center for over four-years. She has demonstrated an ability that rivals any high school or collegiate athlete I have trained in my ten years with the company. Though not an outspoken individual, Hannah’s competitiveness shows on a daily basis. I have always felt she made the athletes around her work harder leading by example. When training to make herself jump higher, run faster, become stronger and more agile, Ms. Sholtis never takes a day off. Hannah has served as a mentor to many of the younger athletes that train with us daily, and I will be forever grateful for that.
As the Director of Sports Performance, I closely follow the athletes after they leave our facility to begin their season or seasons. I have watched many athletes that have trained with our company go on to all levels of collegiate volleyball. Hannah’s athleticism is well above average from the pool of Division 1 volleyball athletes I have trained in recent years. Her vertical jump (lower body power) of 18” is above the average of 16, standing broad jump of 6’4” is also above the average of 5’11”. Her speed and strength, however, I believe are her greatest assets. Her 10-yard dash time of 1.83 is well above the average of collegiate athletes at our facility in any sport (1.92).. When training our volleyball athletes, we focus on conditioning the stretch reflex more than anything. Each athlete also does a 15-second timed 12-inch box jump test to see how well conditioned this stretch reflex is. Hannah’s score of 22 is currently the top of any female athlete that has trained at the Orthopedic and Sports Enhancement Center. I think that speaks volumes about her first step quickness.
Ms. Sholtis has, in my opinion, all the tools to succeed and thrive at the collegiate level. Descriptions of Hannah’s many good qualities could go on forever. I would simply like to say how much I think of Ms. Sholtis, and I strongly believe in her ability to succeed at the next level.
Nate Henry, MS, CSCS Director of Sports Performance
2406 E. Empire Bloomington, IL 61704 (309)-664-1399 nmhenry25@hotmail.com

I hope to see some of you at the upcoming National Junior Classic hosted by Sports Performance May 25-27, and please let me know if you plan to attend!


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A Letter of Recommendation
May 20, 2013
Hi Coaches! I thought I would share one of my letters of recommendation written by Nate, my strength and conditioning coach. To Whom in May Concern: This serves as a letter of reference for Ms....
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