Megan Anderson has committed to Elmira College
Made my decision :)
February 15, 2011
Well, I have made my decision as to what college I will be attending this September 2011.  I am happy to say I am a future grad of the Class of 2015 at Elmira College.   Wow this is so exciting!  I am obviously nervous, but at the same time so excited to begin this new chapter in my life.

I had applied to 4 schools and had been accepted at all 4.  :)
But I think the campus atmosphere, the tight-knit family feel, and the entire softball staff as well as the team, clinched it for me.  I have never felt more welcome as I was when I did my over-night at Elmira.  I knew I had to go there.  I know the winter months will be tough, but they are here in NJ as well.  I'm used to that. 

I am so looking forwards to playing softball with that group of girls, as well as for the coach.  What a great lady! 

As to what I have been up to, I've been training this winter with our h.s. team and have been meeting with a personal trainer once a week, and then hitting the gym on my own, 2 - 3 days a week.  I am also continuing my pitching lessons.  Just last night my pitching coach was very impressed with the speed at which I am now throwing...guess those visits with the trainer and the gym are paying off.  :) 

That's all for now.  Our scrimmages begin in less than a month, and I can't wait! 

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Sting vs. Pascack Valley - 7/7/11
July 8, 2011
We were hitting again, and we shut out Pascack Valley 12 - 0.  I started, had 11 K's, walked 5 (not happy about that) and not blaming umpire, but he was not the most consistent of...
Sting vs. Oakland (Indian Hills) 7/5/11
July 8, 2011
Well we got our first loss today.  We lost 4-0.  Whole team was flat, think everyone was still in holiday mode.  No one was hitting, and we were missing our regular...
Triboro Sting vs. Wood-Ridge, 6/28/11
June 28, 2011
We faced Wood-Ridge at PV field and won 9 - 0.  I got the start and had 4 K's, gave up 3 hits and walks.  Our defense was so on tonight.  We played a full 7 inning game after scoring...
Triboro Sting vs. Park Ridge 6/27/11
June 28, 2011
We went to Park Ridge, I started and we won 11 - 0.  I had 8 K's, gave up 2 hits, 1 walk and we only played 5 innings.

I had 4, 3-batter innings and 5 batters in 5th.  At bat, I went 1 for...
Triboro Sting vs. Fair Lawn 6/21/11
June 22, 2011
We went to Fair Lawn and only had 8 regulars from our team with one call-up from the 16U team.

I started and had 7 K's, 2 Walks, giving up 3 hits and 1 unearned run.
We beat Fair Lawn 5 to 1.

At bat I...
Triboro Sting - UGALS League - Summer Schedule
June 12, 2011
6/8 - Sting vs. Wayne Valley 

6:30 p.m. @ Passaic Valley High School varsity field (Little Falls)

WON - STING 15 - WV 5 (Pitched)


6/15 - Sting vs. Paterson Prep

7:00 p.m. @ Putnam Oval...

Triboro Sting vs. Wayne Valley 6-8-11
June 9, 2011
We faced Wayne Valley beating them in 5 innings.  I got the start and gave up 6 hits, had 5 K's, and walked 3.  We beat them 15 - 5.  I had 4 earned runs.  Our next game is...
Summer Ball before heading off to college :)
June 7, 2011
I will be playing summer ball with the Triboro Sting which has been a team that's played together for the last couple of years, but recently has become a feeder program for PVHS.

Our varsity squad...

5-25-11 Last game of season PV vs. Kennedy (Paterson)
May 25, 2011
I started the last game of my senior year.  Although it was only 5 games this year, my record was 5 - 0.  Hey, a win is a win :)

We beat Kennedy by a score of 20 or 21 - 1.  We had 15...
5/9/11 - Senior Day - PV vs. Passaic County Tech
May 11, 2011
Senior Day, everyone decorated for us.  :)   There is only myself and one other teammate that are seniors. 

I got the start today and at bat went 2 for 4 with singles hit to...
4/30/11 - PV vs. Hackensack and County results
May 11, 2011
Ok, so today, 4/30 we had our county game vs. Passaic.  I didn't get that game although I did really well with a shutout against them during regular season.  That's ok, I did get to pitch...
5/9/11 - My games through 5/9 - Newark Star Ledger Stats
May 10, 2011


School: Passaic Valley | Team: Passaic Valley Softball | Sports: Softball


Highlights PV vs. Passaic 4-7-11
April 8, 2011 excited.....highlights from our game vs. Passaic on under Passaic Valley. 

 Here's the link:

Recap of games - PV 2011 Season
April 7, 2011
I'm going to do one blog for game recaps.  For reasons unknown to me, I am not getting much pitching time.  My pitching coach, has clocked me at 60 and at last lesson said I've gotten...
3-30-11 Scrimmage vs. Montclair
March 31, 2011
We lost this game.  I didn't go in till 4th inning for 2 innings at 1B.  I got to pitch 1 inning, the 6th, no harm done.  2 groundouts 1 to SS and 1 to 1B and one popout to left...
3/28/11 Scrimmage vs. Pope John @ PV
March 29, 2011
Finishing up our scrimmages, first game of season this Friday, 4/1. 

During our 2nd meetupwith Pope  John we beat them 10 to 2 or 9 to 2.  Our team came out hitting today.  I...
3/22/11 - Scrimmage vs. Rutherford
March 24, 2011
Didn't want to post this game, it's embarrassing, but here it is we lost 7-0.   We had soooo many errors it was crazy. 

I started at 1B the first 2 innings, then pitched 5th thru 7th...
3/19/11 - Dbl. Header Scrimmage vs. Montville and Whippany
March 24, 2011
Two scrimmages on Saturday, 3/19.  First game was against Montville H.S. We ended up losing 6 - 3.  I pitched 4th and 5th innings, 3 K's, 0 walks, gave up 1 hit and 1 unearned run. ...
2011 Season Schedule - Passaic Valley High School
March 15, 2011

Passaic Valley Today


LITTLE FALLS — A young, but somewhat experienced team gives Passaic Valley...

2010 H.S. Passaic Valley Schedule - Updated with game scores!
February 3, 2010
Below is my high school schedule for the 2010 Season!

Passaic Valley High School
Girls Varsity Softball 2009 - 2010
DayDatePlaceOpponentFacilityTimeDepart Time
January 24, 2010