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PLEASE HELP ME AFFORD COLLEGE! I'm ready to go to a college or university that will offer me enough loans to pay for school. I can afford to pay only what I'm able to borrow. Yikes college is expensive!!! UPDATED February 2019: Magnus just learned & is now competing 5235D on 1M. Updated Jan 2019: Magnus scored 285 at his 4th meet. All dives are posted, the good and not so good. Updated Dec 2018: Last night Magnus started his new dive season and scored 273 for his 6 dives-all six dives, both the bad and good, are posted and will be posted going forward. This included a new dive, a double back pike, that he competed for the first time. Presently, he is learning a 5235D-not many high schoolers attempt this. He hopes to make the podium and go to States this year. He will be competing in the WPIAL Diving Championships (swim & dive playoffs) on 2/23/2019. This will be held just outside of Pittsburgh PA.
Magnus has made WPIAL's all years in high school and has placed in the top ten all years despite having much less dive time than competitors. Magnus has only been able to practice during the dive season which runs from November to February. There isn’t an opportunity available for him to practice in the offseason except on the trampoline. Despite much less dive time and because of his athletic ability, Magnus has a much greater upside. Also, because of Magnus's background competing in other sports at the highest levels(Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & to a lesser extent wrestling), Magnus thrives on competitive situations and does better when the heat is on. Keep in mind that Magnus only has about 6 years of diving experience including only 1 year (4 months each year for 3 years)in club diving(it became too expensive) where he practiced 1M, 3M and platform. What has helped Magnus is his prolific ability on the trampoline. He can do tricks, all self-taught, that few others in the Country can do.

Because of the abundance of team talent for boy’s diving as well as Coach Yenick, I don’t believe Magnus’s high school team has ever lost a dive meet.
When Magnus participated in club diving, he competed in both 1m and 3m. He competed in three regional events.

Magnus’s high school diving coach is Vernon Yenick: (412) 352-2030
Magnus and his parents are activally looking at Colleges and Universities including Div III, II and I.
NCAA ID# 1809286297

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Most recent WPIAL 11 Dive meet scored 402.40. Made WPIALS(swim/dive playoffs) all years comepeting and placed in the top 10 finshers (out of 32) all years. Will hopefully make the podium this year since learning much higher DD dives.


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Since Magnus has grown and gained weight, he is now able to get more height and better finish his dives. His Sophmore year, he was only 89 pounds and just under 5' tall. This year, he weighs about 130 and is 5'8". He is now improving at a much faster rate than before and has much more upside/room for improvement than most of the divers ahead of him. His typical 6 dives are 103B, 105C, 204B, 304C, 404C & 5225D. Magnus is working on two new dives, 5235D & 5227D. Keep in mind that, due to the expense, Magnus hasn't been taking lessons. His only practice is that during diving season. What he has been doing, however, is extremely advanced tricks on the trampoline, all self taught. If there was such an outlet, Magnus would be rated near the very top in trampolining. He can do tricks that only a handful of other people can do in the entire country.

Magnus has always been extraordinary with rotation and twisting speed. In his first few years of diving, Magnus was behind all of those who had either many more years of experience in diving and or gymnastics. Magnus doesn't have any background in gymnastics or anything similar. However, he is more athletic than most of these divers and while perhaps not as pretty or graceful, he spins and rotates at a much faster rate and has greater potential for dives with much higher degree of difficulty, especially now that he is taller and weighs more.

One additional characteristic Magnus has is that he loves to compete. He does not shy away from anything but rather, embraces the challenge. His over seven years experience in competing at the highest levels in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu(where he was a State Champion) and last year, a season of wrestling(he both wrestled AND dived in the same season), has really helped him, especially when the intensity is high. He always seems to do better when there is pressure.

Magnus is a very good kid, just as his coach, Vernon Yenick will tell you. He also does well in school and scores very high on standardized testing. Magnus and his parents are activally looking at Colleges and Universities including Div III, II and I.

Additional Questions:
Why do you want to be recruited to play sports in college?

Diving has done so much for me in high school, personally, physically and mentally. I have always been very mentally tough part of which comes from competing in other sports including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Some people are negatively impacted by pressure. Pressure makes me better and I perform better. I want to carry that on to the next level. I also want to continue to be part of a team. I really appreciate the sense of belonging and supporting teamates.

Athletes are often leaders on and off the field. Please provide one example of how you have demonstrated leadership in both areas.

I have many wonderful friends and sometimes they need help. I stepped in recently when one of my friends found himself in a crisis. I talked with him, calmed him down and helped him make the right decision.

Please explain how you pursue "healthy athletic performance" as a student-athlete.

Being an athlete is not just a physical trait but a mental one as well. I pursue both a healthy body and a healthy mind. They work in tandem rather than as separate.

Please describe how you are involved in service in your community and why these efforts are important to you.

Volunteered at the Veterans Affairs and helped Veterans with tasks and talked and listened to them. This was a great experience for me. I learned alot about others, learned alot about myself and why it may me feel so good knowing I made someones day so much better.

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