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Club Sam Salih SMAC Pittsburgh PA
Primary Position Shooting Guard
Secondary Positions PG
Physical Attributes
Hand Vertical jump Wingspan Bench Press (max)
R - - -
Basketball Honors

Varsity basketball, Montour High School, Team Captain and 4 year Varsity letter. 2017 AAU SMAC Shock finished 4th out of 90 teams in the Nationals in Atlanta, GA.

Basketball Additional

Multi sport athlete in high school - Basketball, Volleyball, and Track/throw discus and javelin (started Varsity in all 3 sports since my Freshman year). I have played club basketball since 7th grade for SMAC and have been committed to playing every year. I enjoy the speed, competition, teamwork, and skill level of every game as each team is different and brings on new challenges to overcome.


SAT Reading
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High School
Montour High School
School City
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Guidance Counselor
Danielle Langdon
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School Division
Other Academic Information
Member of the National Honor Society. Selected to represent Montour at the White House Frontiers Conference at Carnegie Mellon. High Honor Roll. Member of the National Society of High School Scholars. Enrolled in the RMU/MHS (Robert Morris University/Montour High School) Cohort Program Fall 2016 thru Spring 2018.
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Personal Highlights

I am a Senior at Montour High School (PA). I am the second youngest of 6 children (5 girls/1 boy). Of the 4 oldest siblings, my sister, Alena played volleyball at Robert Morris, my brother, Rocco played football at Wake Forest University (undergrad) & IUP (grad), my sisters, Sophia and Cecilia play volleyball at St Francis University/PA. My youngest sister, Rosina is in 11th grade at Montour and plays Varsity volleyball, and does indoor/outdoor track.
In my spare time, I like to read, take my dogs for a walk, hang out with my brother and sisters and just enjoy life. We are a busy family and I love the challenges that comes with academics and athletics. I am excited to see my growth in all areas during this last year of high school and pursue collegiate athletics upon graduation.

Additional Questions:
Why do you want to be recruited to play sports in college?

I love playing sports and it runs in my family. I am one of 6 children who are equally active with athletics. Playing collegiate athletics will help me in many aspects including time management, organizational skills, teamwork, and instructional mangament/delivery, which will carry into my professional career. I feel a student needs to be well-rounded, not just in one thing and that is why I choose academics, athletics and community service,along with my hobbies. Each of these areas develops me mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually which I know will continue to mold me into the adult I am becoming each day. I am looking forward to the challenge of being a student/athlete and being able to continue my high school athletics at the next level with playing in college. I love being part of a team because that team becomes your second family and to be able to challenge each other, support them and see them prosper alongside me in the classroom and on the court is something I am looking forward to doing.

Athletes are often leaders on and off the field. Please provide one example of how you have demonstrated leadership in both areas.

To lead means to not just take charge but to set a good example for your fellow classmates and teammates as well as anyone that I encounter in my life time. In the classroom, I am the type of student who has no problem with asking questions because I know if I don't understand something, then there are others around me who may feel the same way but choose not to ask. If the opportunity arises to coordinate a project, I take advantage of the opportunity as it will only help me to grow as a leader and team player. On the court, I do my best to lead my team whether in the game or on the sidelines. I motivate, I explain, I instruct and I listen which are all aspects of a good leader. There are times my teammates are struggling, whether in a game or in the classroom, and it is then that a leader steps up the challenge to get them out of their rut, talk/listen to them, help them reorient themselves and get focused on what needs to be done to move on. Not only do I like to offer that support but there have been times that I need one of my teammates to do this for me and I am grateful for their support.-

Please explain how you pursue "healthy athletic performance" as a student-athlete.

I am very active with playing sports all year round and it is important to stay healthy with the proper diet and workout. I know that taking care of my body in order to be at my peak, both physically and mentally is important. My athletics have me working out daily and I do my best to insure proper care before (stretching), during and after (cool down) to give my body what it needs to be at it's best. Diet is also important, fluid intake and the proper nutrients is something that I feel every athlete needs to be attentive to. Granted, I do splurge every once in a while for a scoop of ice cream or piece of pizza, but that is not part of my daily routine. I watch what I eat and drink because I know that in order to be at my top performance, I need to take care of myself.-

Please describe how you are involved in service in your community and why these efforts are important to you.

I have been a volunteer for 5 years with PFQ, an organization within my community that serves the intellectually and physically challenged. I work at their numerous fundraising events when able and I help out in any area that they are in need of assistance. At school, I volunteer at Special Olympics and am a member of CURE Finders, a group devoted to raising funds for cancer research.-

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