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Saeta Most Valuable Player year 05, Varsity Athletic Award, and Varsity Letter Award


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First off I wanted to start by introducing myself; my name is Luis Alberto Rivera Bolano Jr. to be exact. I was born in the beloved city of Barranquilla, Colombia on September 9th 1991. I was named after my dad so I became Luis Jr. I was a heavy baby with a whole life ahead of me and with much to accomplish. My family in Colombia is part of the poor middle class with very little money. Like many Hispanic families mine saved up enough money so that my father could come to the United States to work to support the family in Colombia. My father was the first one to arrive here in the U.S. he worked to save up enough money to bring me and my mom to this country. I lived in Barranquilla for a year and a month approximately so really those days I don’t have much memory of.
I have been living in the U.S. ever since, first I arrived in Philadelphia to stay at my father’s aunt’s house that had already been living there for some time. The three of us lived there for a year then we came to live in Miami with two of my uncles. I returned to Barranquilla to visit my family when I was seven from then on I went every year in December for Christmas so I have always known my culture is and where I came from. We have always been struggling ever since we came to this country moving from place to place until my father was always to find a well paying job. My father in Colombia only graduated in high school and he was not able to go to college because there was no money to send him to college. Fortunately, my mother earned a scholarship to go to college and she became a literature/social studies teacher earning a bachelor’s degree, she worked as a teacher in Colombia for 12 years until she came to the U.S.
My parents worked in all kinds of hard labor jobs my mom was always cleaning houses or babysitting and my father in construction and maintenance. Even though my mother was a teacher here she had to pass some tests to legitimize her degree she earned in Colombia which required a lot of money. Until then would she be able to be a certified teacher in Miami. It has been very tough for my family coming to the U.S. with practically nothing. My parents had to start from scratch to establish a good life for me and my sisters here in the U.S. My father wanted to bring me here so that I would have a better life and more opportunities here. He wanted me to have the opportunity he did not have in Colombia to go to school receive an education. It has been a very difficult struggle all these years with us not being financially good but we have been able to pull through with what we have to be ok and move forward. My family has always depended on my father’s income which has never been enough but my mother did the best she could to get us through another day.
I was a child at the time but I remember all the hard times my parents have had to face trying to pay the rent or to put food on the table. Growing up me and my sisters never had the luxury to get anything we wanted like a pair of Jordan’s or I don’t know or all the video games I wanted. But as I grew older I understood that I had to be happy with whatever my parents could get me. I had to understand that we did not have enough money for extra luxuries. I am 18 and I understand how difficult it is when you don’t have an education so you have to work extra hard just to get by another day. Life day by day is just becoming much more expensive even more when you have a family to take care of. My family has much hope and desire in me to go on to college and become successful having a career. Being that I am the first generation to go to off to college and all my family is looking forward to me becoming a professional. I would be the first Rivera boy in the family to go college. My whole family has high expectations for me which I have in my head at all times.
My father especially he wants to see me graduate from college and when I do he wants to frame it up and put in the living room. My father has always implied to me the importance of receiving an education ever since I was little. This is why I have always kept school as my top priority no matter what. Anything that has to do with my school work I have always given 120% because I strive for greatness not to be average always. He has always told me the most important thing is to receive an education all the hard work you put in now will pay off later on when I have achieved my career. I have always kept that advice in the back of my mind to keep me focus on my goals. I want to be something in life so I can help my parents and family financially. I want to able to bring my family out of poverty and repay my parents for everything they have done for me. God knows they have done too much already so that I would be able to live the life that I want. I am going to graduate from high school which has made my family very joyful all the hard work has paid off until now. Now I still have the second half to go which is college. I am very determined to go to college and major in Sports Medicine which is what I want. I either want to be an Athletic Trainer or Physical therapist I am still not sure yet but I will soon find out.
I know that Sports Medicine is what I want to learn about because I have been an athlete all my life playing soccer which is my passion. I enjoy being around sports anything that is sport related and throughout my years playing soccer I have had to endure all kinds of injuries that have margined me from playing. I want to be able to help all kinds’ athletes with their injuries and how to prevent it because I know what it is like not being able to play. Furthermore, soccer or sports need to be a part of my life forever so what better then sports medicine to keep close to it. Financially there is no way that I would find money to pay for college so I am counting on scholarships to grant me the opportunity. I come from a very poor community where practically everyone is in the same struggle but we do what we can to move forward. I have lived all my life in a poor community and truly one day I would like to come back to my community as a successful person and provide care to those athletes that financially don’t have the money to see a physician. Like when I was growing up had to struggle with their injuries because they couldn’t afford treatment from a professional. Last but not least, if possible I would like to return to my hometown Barranquilla and provide service to the poor athletes from where I was born.

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