Kahili Liu - Hanohano has committed to Whitman College


Primary Position Setter
Secondary Positions L, DS, UH
Career - - - 322 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Season - - - 35 - 60 60 - - - 12 - - 30.00 - - - - - - - - -
Match Bests
Career - - - - - - -
Season - 8 - 15 - - -


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High School
St. Francis School
School City
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Guidance Counselor
Duane Eldridge
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Class Rank
School Division
Major Category
Dental, Medical And Veterinary Residency Programs
Major Category
Dental, Medical And Veterinary Residency Programs
Child/Pediatric Neurology
Major Category
Dental, Medical And Veterinary Residency Programs
Pulmonary Disease
Other Academic Information
**KAHILI'S ACADEMIC HISTORY:** GPA: 3.65 Community Service Hours: 354 hours FORTH Year: Chinese Language **2013 – 2014** National Art Honor Society Excellence Honor Award – Ceramics I Leadership: Aloha Show Student Director (Freshmen Class) **2014- 2015** Excellence Honor Award – Ceramics 2 Leadership: Aloha Show Student Director (Sophomore Class) **2015 – 2016** Advance Placement AP Language Arts/AP Language Comp. AP US History Leadership: Aloha Show Student Director (Junior Class) Athletic Leadership: SFS Student ILH School Representative - Officer 1 Excellence Honor Award – Ceramics 3 Community Service Leadership: Mele Mural Artist - 200 ft. Mural - Kaimuki High School Mele Mural Artist - 800 ft. Mural - Honolulu Mayor HART Center Mural
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First Name
Last Name
Liu - Hanohano
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Personal Highlights

KAHILI'S High School Volleyball Experiences

Saint Francis High School Career
2013 – 2014

Saint Francis JV – Position: Setter/DS/L

2014 – 2015

Saint Francis Varsity – Position: Defensive Specialist/Libero DII-6th in State

2015 – 2016

Saint Francis Varsity – Position: Setter

Volleyball Club Experiences
2010 – 2011

10U - Na Keiki Mauloa – STARTING Outside Hitter/Defensive Specialist

Kauai Island Invitational - Hooikaika Tournament - Won 1st Place

2011 – 2012
12U - Na Keiki Mauloa – Position: STARTING Outside Hitter/Defensive Specialist
Emerald City Volleyball Tournament - Won 12U - 3rd Place

2012 – 2013

13U Magic Volleyball Club - Position: *STARTING * Setter
Coach: Victor Poppinga
Anahiem Summer Soiree - Won - 4th Place

2013 – 2014

15U - Lanikai Athletic Club - STARTING Setter

Won-FLT - Reno Qualifier - 1st Silver
Won - Summer Soiree - 1st Silver

2014 – 2015

16U - Lanikai Athletic Club - STARTING Setter
Won- FLT Reno Qualifier 1st - Silver
NCVA Junior Nationals NOLA

2015 – 2016

18U - Hawai`i Elite Volleyball Club - STARTING Setter
Won- FLT4 -Summer Soiree - 3RD

KAHILI'S High School Basketball Experiences

Saint Francis High School Career
Saint Francis Basketball Varsity - Position: Post
State Championships 5th Place

Saint Francis Basketball Varsity - Position: Post
State Championships 5th place

Saint Francis Basketball Varsity - Position: Post [starter]
State Championships 6th place

Additional Questions:
Why do you want to be recruited to play sports in college?

I want to be recruited to play sports in college for two very important reasons. The first, is to make my family proud! We live very small, in a tiny home and although both of my parents work, Hawai`i is very expensive. To attend college and study to become a doctor, is a dream come true. However, playing volleyball and basketball, something I truly enjoy, would bring pride to my parents and give my family an opportunity to see me play at the colligate level. I would be the first in my immediate family to earn a PhD, and play for a college ranked in the NCAA. The possibility of a scholarship to play, with financial support to earn a degree, that can kick start my career as a doctor, is why I want to be recruited to play sports in college.

The second reason I want to be recruited to play basketball and volleyball in college, is to continue to live a healthy and fit lifestyle while seeking a college education. College volleyball will require me to condition my body, and my mind for game play at a higher level. Having an active lifestyle that dedicates time to fitness and scheduled tasks like conditioning, training and strict time management is how I have been living my life. I truly believe an athletic career at an early age has allowed me to be a well rounded colligate athlete. From as early as 5th grade, athletics has helped me to recover from fatigue faster, it has prevented me from succumbing to childhood deceases and has promoted better sleep and eating habits.

Athletes are often leaders on and off the field. Please provide one example of how you have demonstrated leadership in both areas.

I believe that leadership is important as an athlete because it is the person that pushes the TEAM forward. The leader guides the TEAM, forcing at times a score or point. The leader of a TEAM chooses to pitch or lean at some point towards the goal. A good leader has the power to lead without fear. Being a leader offers you a chance to take charge of a situation, with a positive mindset, trusting your coaches and teammates to meet the challenge. A true leader never gives up, feeling the pain to push harder and asking everyone to dig deep and leverage the strength from deep inside to WIN.
As a setter, I am seen as the "quarterback" of the team because of the amount of touches I receive in a play. On the court, my leadership role is to communicate with my teammates on how we can "tic tack" or "spice up" our offense and "beef up" our defense. The best outcome to a game, is when we find an opponents weakness, communicate a new game plan, and execute. These moments are KILLER!!
Some times I may be directing a play, and I know inside that it takes a team effort to make a plan work, and my TEAM surprises me and fire back with cheers like "TRUST US" or "FAITH!" By taking the lead my teammates become confident in the plan and in themselves. As a leader your job is to encourage your teammates and even your coaches in every situation. I believe negativity can get the best of a TEAM, but it only takes one positive to change all those minuses, so as the SETTER I need to be on POINT, and always passing out the ALOHA with a positive cheer that brings us all back to BASE.

Off the court I am the ILH student representative for my high school. It is a STATEWIDE student athlete committee. The Student Adivisory Committee consists of two representatives, one boy and one girl, from each ILH Division school. Our job is to hold meetings to discuss the problems students/coaches and schools may have with the league. Out of all the students at my school I was selected and appointed by our Athletic Director, to hold this very prestigious position. The students are the voices of change, and understanding for all ILH student-athletes in the state of Hawaii. Serving on this committee has allowed me to give back to my community, address issues that students at my school will bring as concerns, and represent athletes of all ages. This leadership real has given me a sense of excitement and eagerness to listen the issues, advocate for change, work hard to engage students and fight for fairness.

Please explain how you pursue "healthy athletic performance" as a student-athlete.
Please describe how you are involved in service in your community and why these efforts are important to you.

I learned that contributing to our community is as important if not the most important piece of being an athlete. While in club volleyball, our director wanted to teach us that volleyball only makes us more aware of the needs of our community. If we want to play we need to give to our families, our communities and to our team.

I have participated in a variety of community service projects around the city of Honolulu. I first cleaned the beaches at Kaiwi while a member of Mauloa Volleyball Team, and I also planted taro (or kalo) at the Kanewai Loi Kalo patches at the University of Hawai`i. In one of the pictures on my profile, I am caring for a taro plant that needed some weeding, and a new mound of mud to keep it cool and protected from the sun. That day we learned how precious our water is and the unique way Hawaiian farmers restored the water back into the steams after using it for irrigation. This message reminded me about volleyball game plans, and plays that our coaches taught. It all made perfect sense that we should flow like a river and be like water, powerful, strong and necessary. Most of all, we needed to return to our BASE.

This past 2015-2016 school year I partnered up with Mele Murals and the Estria Foundation to clean up graffiti on our city walls. My entire varsity team traveled through the city of Honolulu and local high schools to paint and coat the "ugly" mess left by graffiti. Mele Murals is an organization where street and professional artist in Hawaii come together to teach people about the significance of the land and how important it is to preserve it through murals. I was able to be apart a huge 200 ft. mural at Kaimuki High School this past year. I had so much fun learning and witnessing the impact a once blank wall, now transforming into a beautiful masterpiece, can have on not only high school kids like me, but adults as well. Just being able to be apart of something like that made me realize that service to my community is the best way to show others that CHANGE is possible but it STARTS WITH US! This project also made me reflect on all the positions I was trained to play over the years. I was forced by coaches to make changes and adjustments because of rotation or player injury. The Mele Mural project and city clean up, also forced us to change how we look at our future and identify with limiting the trash, graffiti and "ugly," by working hard to be change agents. Volleyball has taught me early to be a change agent!

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