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Club TBA Rocky Select Volleyball Club Castle Rock Co
High School AD Lopez
Primary Position Right Side
Secondary Positions S, DS, MB, OH, UH
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. I have been Groomed as a Middle. I am a strong RS and OH. I train on every part of the court. I can step into any position and be strong at it. The only area I have not played would be libero. I train for it and can handle the back row but, I know I can be used more wisely on other parts of the court. I do love back row though because I love to dig those balls! I am strong at back row because one thing I can do confidently would be Serve! I have to be a strong back row player since I am used too serve. I may not look pretty getting those balls but I can tell you one thing, I WILL GO FOR EVERY BALL AND I Will GET IT, EVEN IF IT IS IMPOSSIBLE I WILL TOUCH IT! I am confident that I can be moved to any position and step right in with no stress or worries. I work extremely well under pressure, I thrive on it. I am open to any position being versatile and aggressive helps me, with a little adjustment, I am good to go! As a RS I have been training as a Setter as well. It comes in handy for that position. I also play RS/S on my league teams. Since I started later than most players in volleyball I do not look like the typical player when doing drills. I was put right into game play so my footwork does not look clean during drills. It all comes together during game play. I’m a smart player. I know when to hit big, place a ball, tip or push. I read my Setter and hitters well. My timing is great as a Middle and I’m getting used to my timing on the RS. I am an underdog, I’ve always had to fight to prove that I can play. I’ve always had to prove myself on the court, I do not look like the typical athletic volleyball player, saying that I can confidently say, “I Can Play!” I will never give up, ever! I don’t get down on myself, we can be 15 points down and I know with some great serves we can comeback. I love to win and a want to win! Team means something to me. I play for my team, my coaches and every single person who invested and put their time into me. I’m an underdog, I fight like one and I never quit! I fight to the very end!


SAT Reading
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High School
Frederick Senior High School
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Guidance Counselor
Donovan Dreyer
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Major Category
Biological Sciences/Life Sciences
Environmental Biology
Major Category
Conservation and Renew. Nat. Resources
Environmental Science
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Parks, Rec., Leisure, and Fitness Studies
Sport and Fitness Administration/Management
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**Currently I play Collegiate Ball, Blackburn Beavers. ** My current College GPA is 3.690 My current main Position is Setter/RS*** positions I’m strong at are MB, RS, OH, Setter. All my RS gameplay I learned my last season of my senior year. YOUTUBE: Seanna Conklin You will find film there that is not on this site.*** I Play Both League in the AAU's and Club for USA VB When viewing my Film I will have two different types of gameplay. Please View as many Clips as you can as you will see I can play different positions. You will be able to see what my strengths are and how versatile I can be. . Please view all my videos, as I play with different teams that are different levels. I will show videos from first play with each team and how we develop as we get through the season.
I am right handed but can also hit with my left hand. I'm a hitter mainly a Middle, I like the middle spot because there are so many different sets to hit from, I like to stuff balls in that Middle Spot. I'm a good Outside Hitter. I can use my right and left hand which comes in handy on the Outside. I'm strong at serving and I believe if there is one thing you should know in VB, it's your Serve! Back Row Defense, I like the pressure that back row gets. I go for those balls it's a personal best type thing with me. I can't let those balls hit the floor. I love back row, I'm usually put front row for my hitting though. I like back row attacks. I'm learning Right side now for HS, I can tell you it's not my strongest position. They have me there too for Setting. I actually like setting. I'm an all-around player because I feel it's important to be able to know the whole court and be great at least three positions. On a personal note, I like learning. The college I choose will have to be one that fills my need to learn at a higher level. My field of study would be engineering with Chemical, Environmental, and Petroleum. Since I am extremely interested in computer science and robotics I am slightly undecided as to what field I will actually take. I wake up every day excited to go to school to see what lessons my teachers have prepared for us. Science and Math are my strong points. I normally take double science and math to keep my mind excited and keep it interested! I am a new transfer to Frederick Senior HS. Since I came to the school after it had already started, I lost most of all my science and extra math classes as they were not available for me. I have already taken all my required science and math and any I take will be flow over. Next year I will try to triple up on them to make sure I can get those classes I wanted in. I belonged to MESA, Robotics and Interact club my freshman and sophomore year at my old HS. My new HS does not have Math and Science clubs and I will be changing that. I am in the works to set up a couple of Science and Math clubs. Hopefully math and robotics both together. My senior year I lettered in FBLA. I helped run our school store and build our prom website. I enjoy Web Design. My grades do not reflect what I can actually accomplish as a student. Meaning the grades I keep reflect what I can do as a student-athlete. My time is spent on volleyball. Here in Co. It is extremely competitive. You have to work hard to be able to keep up and excel. Not only that, but keep competitive grades. Education is extremely important to me. I have an insane schedule which means I study when and where I can. Colorado is big and I live in a small town, I have to travel basically to all my vb training. I do my studying in the car, during lunch and in the middle of the night. My free days I love to spend with family, which always consists of studying at some point.

Additional Questions:
Why do you want to be recruited to play sports in college?

I'm I am passionate about volleyball! I do not see myself doing anything other than playing now and in my future. Don't get me wrong, I am a smart girl! My education is extremely important to me as well as my future career as an engineer! Wether it be on the court or teaching. I go the extra mile and know that if you aren't willing to give more than you have, then you should not be playing. There are people who have talent and I believe anyone can be taught but, there are those ones who have it in their heart, soul and blood and are willing to work for it! Those who actually work for it are the ones who you take a chance on. Those ones, those are the ones that make a difference in the sport! I'm one of those athletes.

Athletes are often leaders on and off the field. Please provide one example of how you have demonstrated leadership in both areas.

During my free time am an assistant coach for young volleyball players. I teach them specific volleyball skills and character which is a huge part of being an athlete. Soon I will be able to Coach a young league team. This makes me more confidant on the court. I communicate better and try to keep the team aggressive, positive and keep us fighting till the end. Off the court "my court" I like to show the young kids how fun VB can be and how it can keep them healthy and active while doing what they love. Plus, I like to teach my girls the art of intimidation! I teach them the perfect game face! It works every time.

Please explain how you pursue "healthy athletic performance" as a student-athlete.

I train! I go to a personal trainer who is helping me get stronger, faster and higher. He also teaches me agility. He is a ninja warrior and he is teaching me to hit the floor more gracefully! Yes, gracefully..... I try to run when I can as I am not a runner. I hit in my garage daily. Depending on my schedule I take any clinic or skills camps that I can in my area. I will also take personal VB training to help up my game. During the summer I take as many college camps as possible and get on the HS Summer VB program which has league play. During club I double up and join league through the AAU's which gives me double the play, Saturday and Sunday tournaments. This summer I hit every open gym for all the higher division clubs. I basically spent my whole summer in a gym, day and night. The more court time the better.

Please describe how you are involved in service in your community and why these efforts are important to you.

With my Club Volleyball team we do community projects to help local programs. I also belonged to Interact Club which helps events in our school as well as community projects, such as community clean up day and help elderly clean yards. I have helped gather clothes for abused women and children. It is important to me because I feel our community gives a lot to our sports programs by dedicating their time and money in so many different ways. It's important to give back to the people who support me and my team. My club coach wanted us to learn the importance of hard work but not only that. She wanted us to know what we do is not something that just anyone can get to do. There is our parents who work very hard for use to be able to try to go for our dreams. She wanted us to know there are people out there in situations that they can't control and they aren't as lucky as we are. They were dealt a different hand. Those people we should really see and when ever we can try to help. Wether it be a conversation, clothes, food or playing with young children, being a mentor. She taught me there's is more to life than just myself. If you give to others your kindness, it could mean one good day for someone who has countless bad days.

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