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Name Phone Email Team Name City State
Club Jeff Becker Augusta Patriots/ Space Gators Evans GA
High School Ron Ritter
Primary Position Goalie
Secondary Positions D
Career 0.637 8.90 253
Season - - -
Wins Ties Losses
Career 37 - 19
Season - - -
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MVP sophomore
MVP junior
Us Lacrosse president award freshman
Captain 10, 11 and 12
Three time county champions
Player of game numerous times


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Lakeside High School
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Molly rogers
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Business Mgmt and Admin. Services
Business and Personal/Financial Services Marketing Operations
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June 8th 2018

Dear Coach,

I am writing this letter to you expressing my interest in your college academic as well as your athletic lacrosse team. As a Senior enrolled at Lakeside High School in Augusta, GA, I have been the lacrosse team captain for the past two years and MVP both years leading my team to winning seasons with playoff opportunities.

Our team is from a smaller town and we battle tough Atlanta schools and South Carolina Schools. We have had 3 winning seasons in a row! Three county Championships in a row! Though, the Lakeside Lacrosse program has yet to achieve a state championship; I strive to sacrifice myself towards this goal every season. Throughout every practice I work to be the best goalie for my team because to me being a goalie is essential to every aspect of the game of lacrosse. Without the goalie making saves the team will lose, without the communication from the goalie the defense cannot function to defend the cage, finally without the goalie and the defense executing a flawless clear the offense cannot score. To be a goalie, puts an immense amount of pressure with every moment I stand in my crease knowing that I am the last line of defense for my team. The truth of the matter is- I love it. When I leave the field, I am judged by every parent and student that I meet. I want them to see is my unwavering integrity on and off the field.

On the field I am the leader of the team, the goalie. When I am off the field I am working on my studies, a social kind of guy who enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to music, going to lake, cooking, and gardening.

Since I first started playing the sport of lacrosse I have loved and have had dreams of taking on lacrosse at the next level and striving to become the best. I envision taking on this feat through my college years and growing into being the best person in all areas of my life. My goal is to explore a business degree that would position me to run any company and lead it to success. My belief is if you truly want something in life you must earn it, it is never given to you. That motto has been instilled upon me by both my parents who have always supported me.

At the age of 12, I started my own team in Augusta called the SpaceGatorWaterMoose travel lacrosse team. We went to the Georgia Games two years in row; we were not just a team. We were and still are a group of friends that look to make a defense in our community and beyond. For example: when two fellow school students lost their mom in a tragic plane crash. We gathered together and we let them know that they were not alone. As a team we raised thousands of dollars for the brothers’ education.

Then to my surprise I was nomination the President’s Award of 2015 by the US Lacrosse Georgia Chapter. This award was for creating the team, as well as for my leadership skills, and the accomplishments of the team in growing our sport.

I do all of this not because I want any gratitude or a shinning metal plaque. I was raised to be a man who will roll up his sleeves and do what it takes in any given situation to do what is right.

My goal is to be a leader on a championship team!

I appreciate any opportunity.

Respectfully Yours,

Cannon Cooper

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Athletes are often leaders on and off the field. Please provide one example of how you have demonstrated leadership in both areas.
Please explain how you pursue "healthy athletic performance" as a student-athlete.
Please describe how you are involved in service in your community and why these efforts are important to you.
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