Taylor DeShane has committed to Carolina University (Formerly Piedmont International University)


Coach Info
Name Phone Email Team Name City State
Club Josh King 99 JASA Surge G U19 Jacksonville NC
High School David Miller
Primary Position Defender
Secondary Positions M, CF
Career - - 55 55
Season - - 22 22
Wins Ties Losses
Career - - -
Season 15 2 5
Physical Attributes
Soccer Honors

Player Stats: -2016 U18G club season, only 2 goals
allowed in over 15 league games.


Received Varsity Letter as a Freshman (2015)
2016 NC Eastern Regional 3A Champions
2016 First appearance in State 3A Championship in school history
2016 NC PowerAde State Games Champions (HS, selected by HS area coaches)
2016 Battle at the Beach Champions, Wilmington Hammerheads
2016 Guest Player for Orange Classic in Ft Lauderdale, Fl
2017 Guest Player for CDL Showcase Soccer Tournament in Tampa, Fl

Soccer Additional


Aaron Wood, Head Coach, St. Andrews University

Athletic ability: 8/10
Leadership: 8/10
Team player: 10/10
Easy to work with: 10/10

Ability: "I have had the pleasure of being a coach for her opposing team, as well as having her guest play with my club team. As an opponent playing in a back 4, Taylor was very difficult to break down. She is a strong 1v1 defender, and understands the shape and timing of defending in a unit, and has considerable pace as well. As Taylor guest played with my club team in the Orange Classic, I was able to put her in different roles and positions, and found her very comfortable, as well as technical on the ball in the middle of the field. She also did very well in wide areas where she was able to isolate and create chances and opportunities. Taylor is a well rounded player that understands the game, has technique and vision, and will be an asset to a coach and team. "

Personality: "I can't say enough about Taylor's personality. She is passionate, hard-working, fun to be around, and very coach-able. She was very comfortable working with players and a team that she didn't know well. Taylor is also able take feedback, praise, and criticism well, and apply it all in game situations. I have enjoyed working with her and watching her play. "

David Miller, Coach, Jacksonville HS

Athletic ability: 8/10
Leadership: 8/10
Team player: 9/10
Easy to work with: 9/10

Ability: "Physically strong with above average speed"
Personality: "Great work ethic. Gets along well with her team mates."

Coach Endorsements Continued:

John Hoopes Jr, Head Coach, JASA

Athletic ability: 10/10
Leadership: 8/10
Team player: 10/10
Easy to work with: 10/10

Ability: "Taylor works extremely hard self motivating herself on and off season reporting to the team as fit as any player. With or without direction, Taylor finds ways to better her play and become a more competitive player. She loves her left foot and we have driven her to have confidence with her right as well so she is a threat both ways. On her own time she has reached her goals. Consistently Taylor conditions herself to prevent injuries and is a reliable teammate. If injured she knows her abilities and works through them finding a way to dig deep and finish strong. She is also a hard person to stop or avoid with a strong physical presence with great balance and the ability to never quit. "

Personality: "Taylor thrives on recognition and is always seeking to please coaches and teammates. She is a likable young lady that has a big heart. Taylor is very driven in all that she does and truly loves the game of soccer and has played since a very young age with the help of a very supportive set of parents that have provided her with every opportunity to reach the high level of play she has reached. Great kid with a feel good personality!"

John Adams, Director of Coaching , Wilmington Hammerheads

Athletic ability: 8/10
Leadership: 8/10
Team player: 9/10
Easy to work with: 10/10

Ability: "Taylor presents with a strong left foot, and doesn't hesitate on 50/50 defensive challenges. Her balance and coordination with the ball is comparable to high level DII and DIII players. "

Personality: "As a guest player within our organization it isn't easy to adapt to a new environment; however Taylor fit in immediately and the girls loved her. Her attitude was positive and she accepted instruction with a professional demeanor. She is a coaches dream and will benefit any team lucky enough to have her. "

Coach Endorsements Continued:

Tandy Brammer, Head coach, OCSA

Athletic ability: 9/10
Leadership: 9/10
Team player: 9/10
Easy to work with: 10/10

Ability: "Taylor is a very athletic girl. She works hard and always gives you her best. She is determined to be the best at everything she does. She loves to play the game of soccer and you can tell everytime she steps on the field. I love her passion for the game. She listens to instruction well and takes what you say and applies it to the situation at hand. She strong and confident on the ball and always a team player. She is constantly working in her off hours on the things to make her better and takes constructive cristism well. "

Personality: "Taylor's personality is energetic, fun, passionate, and always wants to be the best. In school or sports she will always give you her best. She's polite and courteous and has respect for everyone she comes in contact with. "

Richard Hollis, Head Coach 1999G Select I, FC Dallas EC

Athletic ability: 9/10
Leadership: 7/10
Team player: 9/10
Easy to work with: 9/10

Ability: "Taylor DeShane played for us as a guest player at the CDL Showcase in Tampa Florida. That's the reason I ranked her average on Leadership, it's a bit hard to tell when she's a new player playing for a new team that already has established leaders. But she lead by example with her play on the field. Taylor showed exceptional fitness, agility, reflexes, and High Soccer IQ in the CDL Showcase. My team was short at the 4 / 5 positions. Taylor relayed her most comfortable positions were the 11 and 3, but I used her at the 5 and she played excellent in that spot. She was willing to play wherever needed, and she played out of her optimal positions and did her job on the field very well. As a Coach, and as my players would tell you, we were very happy with her and her play on the field."

Personality: "Taylor was very attentive during instruction, and got along very well with her "new" Coach and teammates. She was hard working on the field, and cooperated with her teammates very well in a first time setting, which speaks volumes about her high Soccer IQ. She fit right in, like she had been with us for 2 years. "


SAT Reading
SAT Writing
SAT Math
SAT Score (Composite)
ACT Score (Composite)
High School
Jacksonville High School
School City
School State
Guidance Counselor
Sue Lynn Whitehurst
Guidance Counselor Phone
Guidance Counselor Email
Class Size
School Size
Class Rank
School Division
Major Category
Business Mgmt and Admin. Services
Business Administration/Management
Major Category
Other Academic Information
Recruited from High School to play at Polk State College in Lakeland Florida in 2019 season. Played a season and a drastic coaching change was made and COVID-19 epidemic occurred. Continued with my studies at Polk State before returning to North Carolina to finish my college career and my soccer career.
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