Psu camp!
June 8, 2018
Today is the psu foitball camp! Soooo excited

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Season ending
October 27, 2019
Although our season is over and our final record is 2-8 I still feel we did well against other teams. We got bad calls but that’s no excuse. In the future I plan on lifting and improving my game.
power train
October 8, 2019
back at powertrain on Saturdays. lifting and doing speed/agility drills.
PSU Camp!
June 18, 2019
3rd time for the PSU football camp. it was really cool. I did really well and got a card from JMU! I'm happy! I'm hoping to get to visit that school soon. to check it out. this Saturday I'm going...
New coach
February 26, 2019
Well we got a great coach back John Franko, I’m so excited to have a better coach along with a great season, right now I’m lifting a lot. I’m trying to get swole for this upcoming season because I...
sport training
December 12, 2018
a couple months ago I started power sports, speed and agility training for prep of next football season. I like the results. the owner of the place is one if my coaches. his name is Juqua parker....
season update
September 25, 2018
Varsity lost our first game. we gotta keep our heads up and work harder. 4-1 so far. i played down today for JV. had a fun game. i had to huge sacks and a couple hard hitting tackles. Our JV team...
I’ve been super busy with football these past 3 weeks
August 23, 2018
I have had 2 weeks of solid and very difficult conditioning and 3 a days which is 3 practices a day super stressful but definitely worth it I’m super excited to see what this season behold
June 12, 2018
I went to penn state university (which is my favorite school) for a combine with the players and even coach franklin ! It was amazing to see how much work the players put in to become amazing..I...
Lockhaven university
June 12, 2018
I went to lockhaven university to get a feel what it was there’s A very nice school and it seems to know what it’s doing with the football program, I met some players along the d line and o...
Psu camp!
June 8, 2018
Today is the psu foitball camp! Soooo excited
football camps!
April 2, 2018
I’m checking out some colleges and what football camps are coming up. Yup, I’m pumped!,I got a few on my list for mom and dad to look at. Maybe we can visit some soon.....
November 27, 2017
I love football!! When I started playing at 9yrs old, I knew I was hooked. I also noticed I had a natural gift of being bigger than the other kids my age. I crave this aggressive sport. I also know...
Searching for collages
October 14, 2017
My name is kyle silva and I play for tyrone number 72 as a defensive end and fullback I am really interested in looking for a collage because I know I have potential and im willing to put in all...