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High School Mike Coder
indoor field
Best Time - - - - - 5'0.00" -
Second Best Time - - - - - 4'11.00" -
outdoor field
Best Time - - - - - - 5'2.00" -
Second Best Time - - - - - - 5'1.00" -
Indoor Honors

2018 Indoor State Meet- 8th place with a jump of 5'0

Outdoor Honors

2018 State Meet- 8th place with a jump of 5'2
2018 Regional champion with a jump of 5'2
2018 District Runner up with a jump of 5'1
2018 Local Meet Champion with a jump of 5'2
2018 Benjamin Logan Jumper of the Year
2017 State Meet- 13th Place with a jump of 5'0
2017 Third in regional meet with a jump of 5'1
2017 District Runner up
2017 Local meet Champion with a jump of 5'2
2017 Benjamin Logan Jumper of the year
2016 Benjamin Logan heptathlon Champion


SAT Reading
SAT Writing
SAT Math
SAT Score (Composite)
ACT Score (Composite)
High School
Benjamin Logan High School
School City
School State
Guidance Counselor
Matt Smith
Guidance Counselor Phone
Guidance Counselor Email
Class Size
School Size
Class Rank
School Division
Major Category
Health Professions and Related Sciences
Dietetic Technician (DTR)
Major Category
Health Professions and Related Sciences
Dietetics/Dietician (RD)
Major Category
Health Professions and Related Sciences
Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Services, Other
Other Academic Information
I am not too sure about my major just yet, I know I have an interest in nutrition but am not entirely sure if I want a career out of it. I do consider myself fairly open when deciding a major in the health field.
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Personal Highlights

I involve myself in a variety of other sports such as soccer, and swimming; I also played volleyball from 5th grade to 9th grade. I try to remain involved in my community through high school clubs and through Interact, FCCLA, Spanish National Honor Society, and National Honor Society I am able to do community service projects.

Additional Questions:
Why do you want to be recruited to play sports in college?

I cannot express the joy I feel when at a track meet. Track is not only breathtaking but it is exhilarating. My best moments are getting off the mat after jumping a PR that I have been working for for months on end. I got the privilege to meet my best friend of 6 years through track and I was able to discover who I am as a person through it. I started off on the fist day of 7th practice as a shy girl who has very low self confidence. I didn't really talk to anyone because I didn't think I was good enough to, I hated school and my home life wasn't the best at that time. The only place I felt happy was on the track. Until my coach walked our team to the high jump pit and I found my first love. I didn't really get the hang of it until my sophomore year when I jumped 5' out of the blue at a meet that was only for upper classman. Not only was I shocked but my coach demanded to see the stats afterwards because he couldn't believe me. from then on I learned not to follow others expectations of yourself but to set goals high and give it your all. Each meet after that lead me to come out of my shell a little more and I was constantly surprising myself. Sadly I am a senior and more most this is their last season of track, but I cannot imagine my if without track. I feel I have so much left to give and I know there is so much room for improvement. A collegiate setting would be perfect for me because I would be able to get coaching advice from someone who specializes in jumping.

Athletes are often leaders on and off the field. Please provide one example of how you have demonstrated leadership in both areas.

Acting as a positive leader and role model at all times is important to me. I feel I am a positive role model. Through school clubs like Interact I have had the opportunity to learn what it means to be a leader and how that can be applied in my everyday life. I am able to demonstrate these traits in the classroom by applying myself, and participating often. I strive to be a leader on both my track and soccer team when it comes to stretching, leading drills, and always giving my best effort. I also apply leadership characteristics by having passion for each sport in which I am participating. I hold myself and my teammates to a high standard of accountability, have great respect for myself, teammates, and competition. I pride myself in having the ability to manage failure and be able to turn it into something that my team or I can learn to improve.

Please explain how you pursue "healthy athletic performance" as a student-athlete.

An athletes body is the most important tool they have. Maintaining it health through proper nutrition and sleep habits can be the difference of a PR or an off day. If missing an outing with friends in order to get homework done the night before a meet is necessary I will do it. I think a good nights rest the day before a meet helps immensely. Not only this but rigorous workouts and strength training propel performance forward. Being healthy not only means these thing but it sometimes means knowing when to stop. Injury is a serious roadblock that can set an athlete back for their season. This does not mean not pushing oneself, as there is a difference between pushing for 2 or 3 extra burn our reps in a workout and ignoring the signals of your body to stop. Healthy is knowing the difference between sore and pain. These are the principles I discipline myself in, it is sometime was differentiates me from my competitor and how I make myself better everyday.

Please describe how you are involved in service in your community and why these efforts are important to you.

I have always felt that a strong community can achieve a lot together, I think of it like a big team. A team cannot flourish if the teammates do not work together, so community service is vital in order for it to flourish. I am fortunate enough to go to a school that has many outlets for this through their clubs. So, I joined Interact, Key Club, Spanish Club, FCCLA, and was inducted into Spanish National Honor Society and Nation Honor Society. The majority of these clubs service the direct community, such as members of our own school. We often set up fundraisers for families in need, tutored classmates, and we even raised money for foreign families looking to start a small business.

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