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Really like to play tennis! Focus, motivated, and determined to reach the top. I might not be the best I play with energy and passion! I am working towards my dream to get a part or full scholarship for tennis to DI or DII.

Additional Questions:
Why do you want to be recruited to play sports in college?

Well, playing sports is something I love to do. Whether I suck at it or just play for fun. That is why I am an athlete. Tennis, specifically, is my favorite sport. I excel at it and have been working harder and longer on it. If I can help my family and myself by getting to college and getting a scholarship is something great. Playing at the next level is what every athlete including me should want. Therefore, college is a place for opportunity and figuring out who you are. I want tennis to be a part of that.

Athletes are often leaders on and off the field. Please provide one example of how you have demonstrated leadership in both areas.

Leadership as I define it is helping and showing people that you can be kind and progressive in their future. While I might not necessarily have a big lead in a community or team, I have one in my family. My little sister. I helped her first walk, eat, walk up and down the stairs, and play tennis. She is very important in my life and I think of myself as a leader to help her and guide whenever I can.

Please explain how you pursue "healthy athletic performance" as a student-athlete.

I believe that I work hard for where I am now. I don't want anything to ruin it. When I get injured I rest. When I am not as good I don't take anything. I play more. That's sports. No matter what you do in life whether it is tennis or music, nothing should make you not to be healthy. Since your body is the most important thing in life. That is what I abide by.

Please describe how you are involved in service in your community and why these efforts are important to you.

In my community, in general, I am part of an organization called Sons of Pericles which is part of AHEPA (American Hellenic Education Progressive Association). The great president Franklin D. Roosevelt was part of it and many other presidents. We raise money and help smaller and less fortunate communities get back on their feet. I also will participate in a camp that helps teach little kids how to play tennis. This will be over the summer. I also was involved in park district camps where I helped take care of kids aged from 6-7 for most of the day (9 am to 3 pm). This was two years since I have moved. I am open to help the community in more ways, only if it doesn't cut into my family time.

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