Coach Info
Name Phone Email Team Name City State
Club Sean Murphy Navesink River Rowing Red Bank NJ
Primary Position Scull
distance erg
500m 2km 5km 6km 10km HMAR MAR
Best Time (mm:ss.s) - 7:02.0 19:17.0 - - - -
Physical Attributes
Bench Press (max) Wingspan Years rowing
115 72 4
Rowing Honors

King's Head Regatta 2019
* Men's HS/Youth 2X
* 1st Place
* Gold Medal

Mid-Atlantic Youth Championships 2019
* Men's Varsity 4X
* 3rd Place/Semi Final 1
* Bronze Medal

Bill Braxton Regatta 2018
* Men's HS 4X
* 4th Place/Flight 3

Philly Youth Regatta 2018
* Boy's U17 Colt 1X
* 1st Place/Final 3

Independence Day Regatta 2018
* Men's U17 1X
* 4th Place/Final

** Mercer Sprints 2018**
* Men's Varsity Ltwt. 2X
* 3rd Place/Flight 1
* Bronze Medal

** Mercer Sprints 2018**
* Men's Varsity 4X
* 4th Place/Petite Final

Bill Braxton 2017
* Men's HS 4X
* 1st Place/Flight 2
* Gold Medal

Frostbite Regatta 2017
* Men's HS Quad
* 2nd Place/Flight 2

** Philadelphia Youth Regatta 2017**
* Boy's Colt Double
* 1st Place/Final 6

King's Head Regatta 2016 -- FIRST RACE
* Men's HS/Youth JV/JR 4X
* 3rd Place/Final

Rowing Additional

Navesink River Rowing
* Team Captain, Fall 2019, Spring 2019 & Fall 2018

Navesink Indoor Rowing
* Coach John Crilly, (732)233-9300
* Junior Novice Coach: Teach novice teens how to row indoors on the erg & run practice when the coach is unavailable

Rowing Results Dropbox Link


SAT Reading
SAT Writing
SAT Math
SAT Score (Composite)
ACT Score (Composite)
High School
Middletown High School South
School City
School State
Guidance Counselor
Denise Skinner
Guidance Counselor Phone
Guidance Counselor Email
Class Size
School Size
Class Rank
School Division
Major Category
Computer and Information Sciences
Computer Science
Other Academic Information
* National Honor Society (Inducted May 2019) * High Honor Roll Junior Year, Marking Periods 3 & 4 * High Honor Roll Freshman Year, Marking Periods 2 & 4
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First Name
Last Name
Athlete's Mother
Athlete's Father
NCAA Clearinghouse ID
Personal Highlights

EMS Cadet (2018 to Present)
* Cadet Captain (Elected June 2019)
* CPR certified
* First Aid certified
* AED certified
* Bloodborne Pathogens certified

** American Red Cross Certified Lifeguard (2017 to Present)**

Additional Questions:
Why do you want to be recruited to play sports in college?

I love rowing and simply want to continue in college. I enjoy the physical aspect, the teamwork and the competition.

Athletes are often leaders on and off the field. Please provide one example of how you have demonstrated leadership in both areas.

As Fall 2018 Team Captain, teammates would look to me for advice on rigging/derigging, strapping and general boat maintenance. I also coordinated launching during practices and races. In addition, during summers and winter indoor sessions, I was a junior coach.

Outside of rowing, as a member of the Middletown EMS Cadets, I participate in EMS Squad Ride-Alongs. Mainly, I assist the duty crews on dispatches. I perform primary assessments of patients, administer first aid, and help with transport to the nearest hospital.

Please explain how you pursue "healthy athletic performance" as a student-athlete.
Please describe how you are involved in service in your community and why these efforts are important to you.

As mentioned above, I am a member of the Middletown EMS Cadets where I assist duty crews on dispatches. Middletown First Aid is completely volunteer-based and being a part of the program is a great way to help others. It is extremely satisfying to help someone in need, maybe even saving a life.

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