Morgan Whitley has committed to King University - Tennessee
April 29, 2020
Mile Repeats today.

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Today’s training 5-4-20
May 5, 2020
Today’s training was at Anglers Park. I ran our CrossCountry 5K course twice. Then finished up with sprints
Today’s Practice
May 2, 2020
Today I did 4 800 meters at moderate pace and Hill runs.
April 29, 2020
Mile Repeats today.
Update from this past week
April 17, 2020
Monday I did 4x800 (3:10 4x400 (1:24) And 4x200 at (37-38) Tuesday and Thursday were 40 minute light run days Wednesday I did a mile at 6:42 3x500 at 1:41 Mile at 6:44 3x300 at 57 And a 1000 at...
Today’s run.
April 11, 2020
I am going to start blogging most of my workouts from now on! Today I did a 8 mile long run, which I did my first 7 miles at 7:28 average mile pace and then decided to increase my pace in my last...