Coach Info
Name Phone Email Team Name City State
Club Brian Burns Guelph Gryphons JR Guelph -
High School Debra Woolvett
Primary Position Outside Hitter
Secondary Positions RS, UH
Physical Attributes
Wingspan Vertical jump
75 35
Volleyball Honors

2 time Halton Champion
6 time High School Tournament Champions
4 OVA Provincial Medalist
Junior Athlete of the Year
Volleyball Club MVP, Rookie of the Year, Coachable Reward


SAT Reading
SAT Writing
SAT Math
SAT Score (Composite)
ACT Score (Composite)
High School
St. Ignatius of Loyola Secondary School
School City
School State
Guidance Counselor
Anna Carambia
Guidance Counselor Phone
Guidance Counselor Email
Class Size
School Size
Class Rank
School Division
Major Category
Business Mgmt and Admin. Services
Business, Mgmt., Mktg., & Related Support Services
Major Category
Parks, Rec., Leisure, and Fitness Studies
Athletic Training and Sports Medicine
Major Category
Parks, Rec., Leisure, and Fitness Studies
Sports Studies
Other Academic Information
Grade 10 Honor Roll Grade 11 Honor Roll Grade 10 Academic English Award Grade 9 French Academic Award
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First Name
Last Name
Athlete's Mother
Athlete's Father
NCAA Clearinghouse ID
Personal Highlights

My name is Maciej Tereszko, and I am a volleyball athlete. I have played volleyball for 7 years now, and I have decided to take this sport seriously, in grade 10, while a coach encouraged me to tryout for a competitive team, and so I decided to quit soccer for volleyball. I started to play competitive volleyball in grade 10, not knowing the footwork approach to hit a ball. I started as a middle, but switched to right side since I was more dominant in that position. I did have the talent and skill to compete, but I knew I could do much better. I have been training for over a year with many coaches, including Reid Hall, and have increased my skill level by a lot, compared to what I have started. I now know the footwork, and how to properly hit the ball. I am committed to learn more about the sport I love, and compete in higher divisions/competitions. I know I have the talent and skills, and I want to prove that on the court, while in games, practices, and also outside of volleyball. I am not done training yet, since my dream is to become professional and play for the big leagues, so I know I have to train harder, and prove coaches and other staff that I truly love the sport, and want to show that I can compete and make the team stronger together. I provide great leadership skills on and off the court, while maintaining a high score for my education, as both volleyball and my education are important. If I am the athlete your volleyball program is looking for, please email me or either text me. Looking forward to talking and discussing our future!

Additional Questions:
Why do you want to be recruited to play sports in college?

Reason for why I want to be recruited and play sports in college is simple, I want to compete. I have started taking my sport competitively not so long ago, therefore I want to learn and succeed as I know I have the potential to become a stronger athlete. I am committed to any situation or trainings that are involved, and I encourage myself to perform better every day. Not only sports are my passion, but by meeting new teammates, as well as working with others builds strong connections, leadership and communication skills, which I can learn and use them for my future needs.

Athletes are often leaders on and off the field. Please provide one example of how you have demonstrated leadership in both areas.

On the court I make sure to lead by example, meaning if someone makes a mistake, it is key as a team to work together to fix the solution. As well as I make sure to build strong relationships with my teammates, coaches, and other staff as winning games is won by working as a team. You can't win volleyball games individually.

Outside I represent myself as a person, meaning I get involved in community events (Foodbanks, Shoveling snow for my neighbors, etc). As well as be known as a leader for others to follow my actions and behaviors.

Please explain how you pursue "healthy athletic performance" as a student-athlete.

As a student athlete, there is one strong word they must know about and follow. Commitment. This involves going to the gym and working on your body, eating the right nutrition for your body, committing to your classes and education, receiving great marks. Once you have made a mistake, the most important and hardest thing to do is not give up on your passion. Once you started, you must obtain it. A healthy Athlete is not just someone who cares about his body, but cares about those around them as well.

Please describe how you are involved in service in your community and why these efforts are important to you.

I make sure to help out as many people as I can in my community, which brings those skills into volleyball, as I help out my teammates if they are in a difficult situation. I have been going on many retreats with my parish, working and helping others in need of help. For example travelling to Tijuana, Mexico, to build houses for the poor, as well as support and play with the children at the Orphanages. This situations and services will always be a good memory in your life, leading to learning the meaning of life as an individual.

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