Cross Country
Best Time Course Name Location Exact Distance Description
3 miles Time 19:51.00 Burke Lake Fairfax, VA 2.98 Mainly flat with two major hills
5,000m Time 20:37.00 Third Battle Winchester, VA 5K Flat course, cold day
55 HRDL 55 60 HRDL 60 100 200 300 400 500 600 800 1,000 1,200 1,500 1 Mi 3,000 2 Mi 5,000
Best Time - - - - - - - 1:03.00 1:22.30 - 2:21.00 3:04.36 - - - - - -
Second Best Time - - - - - - - - 1:23.78 - 2:22.00 3:07.35 - - - - - -
indoor relays
4x160 4x200 4x400 4x800 DIST MDLY
Best Time - - 4:06.84 9:34.44 -
Second Best Time - - - - -
100 HRDL 100 110 HRDL 200 400 HRDL 400 800 1,500 1,600 3,000 STPL 3,000 3,200 5,000 10,000
Best Time - - - - - 1:00.70 2:16.33 - 5:29.00 - - - - -
Second Best Time - - - - - 1:02.40 2:19.14 - - - - - - -
Indoor Honors

2nd place 4x8 VHSL 6A State Championship 2021, All-State 1000 VHSL 6A 2021 (7th), 3rd place 4x8 VHSL 6A State Championship 2020, District, Region Champions 4x8 2021, 3rd place 1000 regionals 2021

Physical Attributes
Hand Bench Press (max) Wingspan Vertical jump
- 60 - -


SAT Reading
SAT Writing
SAT Math
SAT Score (Composite)
ACT Score (Composite)
High School
Woodson High School
School City
School State
Guidance Counselor
Grady Ford
Guidance Counselor Phone
Guidance Counselor Email
Class Size
School Size
Class Rank
School Division
Major Category
Business Mgmt and Admin. Services
Business Administration/Management
Major Category
Business Mgmt and Admin. Services
International Finance
Major Category
Law and Legal Studies
Pre-Law Studies
Other Academic Information
I have received 3 Model UN awards.
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First Name
Last Name
Athlete's Mother
Athlete's Father
NCAA Clearinghouse ID
Personal Highlights

I have had to face adversity all throughout my high school running career. I had kind of a late start due to some heart problems my freshman year, so I only really started competing to my full potential as a sophomore. During my sophomore indoor season, I finished 9th in the 1000 in the state and 3rd in the 4x800. Then, COVID hit. I was forced to readjust to my situation, similar to how I adjusted my freshman year. Now, as a junior, my 4x800 won the district and the region, and I finished 3rd in the region in the 1000. States is up next.

Additional Questions:
Why do you want to be recruited to play sports in college?

I want to play sports in college because sports have helped me harness my energy. From a young age, I had been told by parents, peers, and coaches that I had competitive spirit. This proved itself later on. Through track and soccer, I have learned that I love to win. I like proving to myself that I am worth it. Even at my lowest, sports have always been there for me. They've been a way for me to release and focus my energy.

Athletes are often leaders on and off the field. Please provide one example of how you have demonstrated leadership in both areas.

I do Girl Scouts. We help coordinate GS events for all the younger girls scouts to help them learn about the world around us. One key event we manage is called Thinking Day. During Thinking Day, each troop represents a country and teaches the other troops about it. It's a great way to introduce diversity and curiosity into our community!

Please explain how you pursue "healthy athletic performance" as a student-athlete.

Track has helped me develop a healthy lifestyle. My sophomore season, I almost didn't care about my body, eating lots junk food (telling myself it was "ok" because I did track), staying up late, and having a very negative mindset. However, I realized my Junior Indoor season that in order to get better, I needed to improve all areas of my life. Now, I try to eat healthier, drink lots of water, and sleep at a normal hour. Along with that, I regularly do yoga and meditation to foster not only my body, but also my mind, as track requires both.

Please describe how you are involved in service in your community and why these efforts are important to you.

Pre-COVID, I used to volunteer at my old elementary school, Canterbury Woods, for their community events. My neighborhood is extremely important to me, as I have lived in it my entire life. I have two younger siblings, and I am very involved with them as well. My siblings, their friends, and all the neighborhood kids who attend Canterbury Woods are almost like a family, we all support each other. I love to volunteer to help them enjoy their younger childhood years, as my elementary experience was fabulous.

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