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Club Caitlin Adams LAVA Blaze Crofton -
High School Scott Fifield
Primary Position Defensive Specialist
Secondary Positions L, OH

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Eleanor Roosevelt High School
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I take all honors classes (Honors Algebra 2 Adv, Honors LSN Government, Honors English 10, Honors Chemistry) and plan to take AP and Dual Enrollment classes in the future.
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My name is Aaliyna Patel , I am class of 2024 at Eleanor Roosevelt High School. When I was younger, I didn't show interest in many sports until I decided to play volleyball at the age of 11. I fell in love with volleyball, as it allowed me to have fun while making many connections with my peers, share my enthusiasm and grow as a person physically and mentally. I must be quick on my feet, have good hand-eye coordination, be constantly in motion, and communicate with teammates. My love and passion have grown every day since I started playing.

The 2021 high school volleyball season was a special season for me as it was my first "normal" year of high school, noting having a freshman season was sad but I preserved and worked harder to get to where I am today. As a sophomore on varsity I displayed leadership skills by encouraging my teammates, building trust in my teammates, learning how to overcome adversity, and managing my time, all while taking Honors and AP courses, achieving Honor Roll, committing 25 – 30hrs to volleyball, and maintaining a part-time job. I learned how to stay disciplined and prioritize which has taught me how to persevere on and off the court. During this season my team at Eleanor Roosevelt had an undefeated season in the conference and ended the season 4A champions in the county. We ended the season 12-3. I learned so much about myself as a player this year plan to keep working towards making myself a better player.

Right now, I’m interested in medicine and computer science. I aspire to attend a school where I can further my education and graduate with a Doctoral Degree.

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