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Josh Arquette(2024) makes 1st team All District Texas High School District 21 6A
August 1, 2022
Best newcomer in District 21.
Josh Arquette(2024) Homer at LSU and .500 for Marucci World Series
July 30, 2022
Left field no doubt homer.
Josh Arquette(2024) Perfect Game Home run Tweet
June 28, 2022 Left Center. No doubter line drive. 2 home run day.
Josh Arquette(2024) Perfect Game Scouting Report WWBA 2022 Central Elite Championship
June 28, 2022
Josh Arquette (2024, Kingwood, Texas) has looked really locked in at the plate during the first two days of the Central Elite Championship. In his first game, he blasted a home run to left field to...
MVP 16U WWBA Central Elite Championship
June 28, 2022
Perfect Game Tweet
June 28, 2022