I Went From 3rd Setter To Starting Setter
September 3, 2008
Last night I got to start at setter. This was another change that I adapted to. Now I'm setting to at least 2 different players that I haven't set for except during practice. We started out slow but then we came together. Both sets we came from behind to win. I'm so proud of my team & in the fact that we all can adjust & come out on top!!! Ready for Thursday. 

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update on club stats for 2010
May 12, 2010
I finally input my stats from this club season. Digs were really good this year. I played several roles with my team this year-RS,OH,OH playing all around, DS,S. Whatever my team needed of me!...
Stinger 17 Nat'l will be at Lone Star this weekend
April 15, 2010
Stinger will be in the 17 Club Division. I would put our schedule here but it has changed 3 times since it came out. Also, we found out Monday night that both our setters will be gone on Friday...
Stinger 17 Nat'l at Summit Star #1 1/30-1/31
January 28, 2010
We will be at VIP in Plano this weekend playing in the Summit Star #1.

M L K Tourney schedule 1/9 Stinger National 17's
January 7, 2010
Here is our pool play schedule for the MLK Power League Tourney. We are at IAD in Carrollton.

Pool 5
ct 6
3 pm

TAV VB Rags...
Dallas Home Opener 8am Pool
December 15, 2009
We are playing @ Texas Assault facility Sat. Dec. 19th. We have the
2nd, 3rd, & 5th games. I am #8. Here is our pool:

Tx. Assault 17 KAEPA
Dallas Force Natl Red
Tx. Image 17 Natl
Stinger Natl 17s
Stinger Volleyball Club 17 National Schedule
November 20, 2009
Here is our upcoming schedule for club. I'm excited that Janine Smith has decided to coach an older team starting this year. So excited that I am giving up softball, drivers ed, and a car in order...
Defense Wins Ballgames
September 23, 2009
We played Boswell last night and won. We went 3 games with defense playing a big role. Boswell likes to slide or hit down the line to the setters. Last night was no exception. I had 24 digs...
September 23, 2009
I'm back after missing 1 game for rolling my ankle. Unfortunately we lost so I told Coach I would be playing by the next game. I went to P.T. twice a day and had my Mom working on it at night. We...
Saved The Pass, Rolled My Ankle, But I Got The Point!
September 14, 2009
We played our first district game Friday night against our crosstown rivals. This is always one of our biggest games each year. We started out flat with our passes either straight up on the back...
Our 1st Tournament This Year
September 8, 2009
Things didn't go quite as planned. We finished 6th out of 17. We did, however, learn a few things. At this point our passes aren't good enough to run a 5-1, and when I say run...I mean run. Our...
Volleyball Tournaments Start This Coming Weekend
August 31, 2009
We start our tourneys Sat. Sept.5th. I will post pool and bracket times once I receive them.

Sept.5-@Mansfield Legacy



*last year this tourney was held...
My Serves Were ON This Week!!!
August 29, 2009
I was ready for it after the serve-a-thon this week. I started the first game serving. I served the first 12 or 13 points getting 8 service aces.  I was pumped and was ready to go...
Annual Serve-A-Thon Fundraiser
August 29, 2009
Once again we had a serve-a-thon to raise money for our program. I was 100 for 100 serves. I decided to do all of mine in one day instead of 2-3 days. I was a little sore but pumped! My coach was...
Off To A Great Start
August 26, 2009
Our season has started really well. We are 3-1. We should be 4-0 but our first match of the season we were ahead both games only to lose by a couple of points. We are playing a 6-2. My stats so far...
I Put My Coach In A Predicament
August 16, 2009

That's what she told me at try-outs. It's a positive one though. I had such a good try-out that she wasn't sure what to do with me. She told me that I was playing so good she didn't want me just...

I Have Dedicated My Summer To Strength & Conditioning
July 26, 2009
I decided to do things different this summer. Instead of doing what was mandatory or suggested I took it a step futher. I dedicated myself to working out every week of my summer. My footwork has...
I Went To Stacy Sykora's & Nicole Davis' Defense Clinic Today
June 15, 2009
OMG...If you get a chance to attend one if their clinics...GO!!! Their  BALL CONTROL clinic was amazing. My mom got video of Stacy Sykora watching & praising me on one of the drills. Now...
We Are Going To State!!!
June 2, 2009
I realize this is a volleyball forum but I am so pumped that our softball team is going to the state playoffs. Azle Lady Hornets have the pitcher & hitters to win. I'm lucky to be a part of it....
Important Info From N T R About Regionals May 2-3
May 1, 2009
Statement Regarding Bid Regionals

The North Texas Region has received inquiries regarding the Swine Flu and how it affects our regional bid tournament. After getting feedback from the 35 clubs with...
Ranked 31st in 16u
April 29, 2009
We finished 31st, out of 76 teams listed, beating out several teams from big clubs. We had 8 soph & 2 frosh & none of us are star players. We had some shaky moments along with moments of...
2nd at Easter Tourney
April 29, 2009
We finshed our season with a 2nd place finish at the Easter Tourney. We will be starting a summer Metro League in June. I will post schedule when we get it.
A S C Tourney April 4-5
April 2, 2009
Spike Club 16 plays at TAV facility this weekend. We start at 2:30 on ct 2. We have the 1st, 3rd, & last game of the pool. 
A Great Month Scholastically
March 29, 2009
I have received 3 scholastic honors this month. I was recently inducted into National Honor Society. I also received my letter from U.S.A.A. that I am a Who's Who in Leadership & Service...
Another New Position
March 23, 2009
Well the ongoing story continues lol. I got to play OH in our last match on Sunday. Now this is a position I haven't played since jr high. I was on the B team when we began to learn positions....
I Knew We Were In Trouble When The Pool Sheets Came Out!!!
March 23, 2009
When I saw the pool we drew for Spring Breakout I knew we would not make it to the Gold Bracket. The other 2 teams in our 3-team pool had only 2 players south of 5'8". Our tallest player...
Spring Breakout Tourney this weekend
March 19, 2009
We play the first 2 games of pool 2 court 1 at 8 am-TEJAS VOLLEYBALL facility in N.R.H. I hope to see some of you there.
SPIKE CLUB 16 & under division. 
Silver Bracket Champs at 1st Tourney
February 4, 2009
We landed in the silver bracket at the Tx. Image Classic #2. We won the bracket & came home with some hardware. Our next tourney will be the Spring Breakout March 21-22. Hope to see you there!
Turning Lemons into Lemonade
February 4, 2009
Unfortunately I couldn't afford to play at a big club this year, but all is not lost. I tried out for my school softball team. Let me just say- I have never played before. Well, I made the jv team...
Played A New Position Today
January 31, 2009
Well today I played libero for the 1st time since 14 club volleyball. Let me just say that it is completely different now compared to then! Our libero didn't go to the pool games so I had to step...
Update on Tx. Image Classic
January 30, 2009
Due to the recent bad weather our softball coaches have called a practice for Saturday morning. I will not be at the 1st pool game but will be there for the last 2.

 SPIKE-vs-Dallas Jrs...
Court 1 8 a.m. Saturday A S C
January 27, 2009

Oops...I forgot to list the court we will be playing on.

Tx. Image Classic #2 this weekend
January 27, 2009
We will be playing at 8 a.m. at the Advantage Sports Complex. Haven't received our uniforms yet so I'm not sure what # I will be. If you see me say HI! Can't wait!!!
Tourney Schedule for Club Team
January 12, 2009

Well this year I got braces so I can't afford to play on a big club team. However, I am playing on a high school club team. I'm hoping these girls will take the tourneys as serious as I will. If...

November 8, 2008
Congratulations to everyone who plays in the area. Double congrats on the ones who made the play-offs. It's cool to see your names in the paper & know you are in my network. Keep on Winning!!!!...
October 18, 2008

We have had an up & down season. We've lost a few games that we shouldn't have. I think we are onto something now. We began a new line-up tonight in which everyone on the team plays. It took us...

I Went From 3rd Setter To Starting Setter
September 3, 2008
Last night I got to start at setter. This was another change that I adapted to. Now I'm setting to at least 2 different players that I haven't set for except during practice. We started out slow...
Busy, Busy Week Ahead!!
August 31, 2008
Not only do we have a 6 a.m. practices (must be on court & already warmed up) but we have a 2-day tourney & 2 regular games. Tuesday we are lucky enough to play at home but come Thursday we...
Putting Up Good Numbers With Limited Playing Time
August 31, 2008
I have a new job this year. I'm the 3rd setter so it's usually 1 full game after warm-ups before I get my hands on the ball again. I get in at least 3 rotations on back row in the 2nd game. With a...
Tuesday was rough but I got it done on Thursday!
August 26, 2008
The title says it all. Last Tuesday I struggled & the coach sat me. Thursday, on the other hand, I did my job. We had a few players struggle as I did Tuesday. I got the opportunity and took...
How Cool Would It Be To Say You Are Going To School With Olympic Gold Medalist!
August 15, 2008
My senior "sister" from last year is headed to SMU. If you're not aware yet-that's where Nastia Luiken is headed this fall. So I am totally envious of her. I'm already planning a to...
Coming off the bench player
August 13, 2008
It's hard to be 1 of 3 setters in a 6-2 situation. This means you really have to be on your game if you come off the bench.  That was my mission last night & it worked!!! We had 2 teams we...
Season starts tomorrow
August 7, 2008
Well our volleyball season starts Friday afternoon with a quad match. I'm excited & ready to play again. Good Luck to everyone out there & hope you have a winning season!!!
E-mailing other athletes?
July 26, 2008
Is it possible to e-mail anyone in your network? If so, how?
Small but still growing!
July 18, 2008

Does a late bloomer have a chance of being recruited? I guess I'll find out. My doctor says I should grow through high school so for the time being I'll continue to develope my game. Feel free to...


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