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High School Edwin Allin
Cross Country
Best Time Course Name Location Exact Distance Description
5,000m Time 18:56.12 Meet Of Champions Masterson Station, Kentucky 5k It was a very cold and muddy race. I had to wait there through the elementary and middle school state championship races that started at 9am. My race wasn't until 4pm and the temperature hovered around freezing the whole time. This race was this year and this year was only my second year ever running cross country.
Cross Country Honors

Inducted into The Society Of Character 2006. Won the Outstanding Individual Performance Award, and the Peak Performance Award. I have the 21st fastest all time 5k in school history and 10th fastest by a senior. This was only my second year ever running cross country.

Cross Country additional

My coach feels I have a lot of potential still as I'm still learning. I attended the Competitive Edge Running Camp in Louisville over the summer volunteerily to try and get better for this year. Last year's PR was 20:07 and this year I shaved it down all the way to 18:56 on a pretty tough course. I work hard in practice every day and give my all during races so I know that I left everything I had on the course. Here Is a list Of my times this year compared to last year:
Date: Meet Distance: Time
8/18/06 Bell Co. Relays 3200m 12:18 split
8/25/06 Paul Dunbar Relays 5000m 19:32 split
9/02/06 Shelby County Inv. 5000m 19:53 (21:21)
9/09/06 Purple Striders 5000m 19:14
9/16/06 Southern Harrier 5000m 19:29 (21:01)
9/30/06 Franklin County Inv. 5000m 19:37
10/07/06 Berea Invitational 5000m 19:46 (20:51)
10/14/06 Lincoln Co. Inv. 5000m 20:01
10/21/06 Pulaski Co. Inv. 5000m 19:14 (20:20)
10/28/06 Meet Of Champions 5000m 18:56 (20:48)

In the parenthesis are the times I ran last year at those same courses.

55 HRDL 55 60 HRDL 60 100 200 300 400 500 600 800 1,000 1,200 1,500 1 Mi 3,000 2 Mi 5,000
Best Time - - 10.40 - - - - 57.34 - - - - - - - - - -
Second Best Time - - - - - - - 57.01 - - - - - - - - - -
100 HRDL 100 110 HRDL 200 400 HRDL 400 800 1,500 1,600 3,000 STPL 3,000 3,200 5,000 10,000
Best Time - - 19.45 - - 56.12 2:16.25 - - - - - - -
Second Best Time - - 19.87 - - 56.78 2:16.85 - - - - - - -
Indoor Honors

Getting Ready for this year's track season. We are only doing 2 indoor meets at the Mason Dixon Games and the UK Track meet.

The results are from our UK Invitational........these are ok times, but it's only January.......

Indoor Additional

We only do one Indoor Track meet a year and that is the Mason Dixon Games. Last year was my first year ever running track.

Outdoor Honors

I started out doing the 400m and 800m for my high school during the season. I was also on the 4 by 800m relay team. We desperatly needed another hurdler and I volunteered to try it out. With last year being my first ever year running track, and with only a half a year of practice I qualifed and competed in the Class 3A Regionals. My PR was set in the 300m hurdles there with a time of 45.8seconds and I finished 4th. I finished 7th in the 110 hurdles

Outdoor Additional

PR of 45.8seconds in the 300 hurdles
I should probably finish in the top 2 at the Class 3A Regionals this year because I have a whole year to practice and 2 of the guys who beat me last year graduated.

Physical Attributes
Hand Bench Press (max) Wingspan Vertical jump
L - - -


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Other Academic Information
I made the honor roll already this year and I was a Distinguished Scholar on the CATS Testing. I took Honors Algebra 2 last year and I've passed all my Spanish classes. Also my senior schedual looks like this: Sociology Sports Marketing Oral/Written Communications Team Sports Physics English 4 Advanced Topics in Mathematics Journalism
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I am a very hard worker and I'll do whatever the coaches ask of me. I never miss a practice, and I don't complain if I'm injured. I didn't miss a day of school last year, and I've only missed one this year because of a college visit.

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