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Name Phone Email Team Name City State
Club - Hoop Planet (Natl. AAU) - -
High School -
Career - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Season - - - - - - - - - - - 54.0% - - - - -
Physical Attributes
Hand Vertical jump Wingspan Bench Press (max)
Left 36 75 310
Basketball Honors

Lynn University's Men's Basketball MVP 2011-2012 and 2012- 2013.
2012 Wallace Prather Summer Pro-Am League top scorer w/33pts Season High against (Atl Hawks) Lou Williams' team.
2011-2012 SSC All Newcomers Team.
I participated in the Wallace Prather 2011 Summer Pro-Am League. I gained a lot of experience competing against the NBA and European Pros. I was able to also workout w/many of them, fine tuning my skills.
April 11, 2011- I committed to Lynn University for a full Basketball Scholarship.
Ended 2010-2011 Season w/a loss in 1st Reg. game. I had 18pts and 6rbs.
Won Last Home game against sister school Enid. I scored 13pts.
Jeremy Lampkin - So - Peachtree City, GA
Jeremy had 12 points and 9 rebounds against Eastern Oklahoma. He had 17 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists at Western Oklahoma. And he had 13 points, 6 rebounds, and 4 assists in a win at Carl Albert.
"Jeremy had a good week of production. He played solid in all three games. He was 9 of 10 from the free throw line in a big win at Carl Albert on Saturday. He played solid in the previous two games as well. We need him to have another big week this week." - Coach Weiberg
Beat Redlands. I had 20pts and 11rbs w/a follow-up dunk. 4th Double-Double.
Beat the #1 Team in Nation- Connors 19-0 - I had 19pts 12rbs. 3rd Double-Double this year.
NOC Players of Week
Lillian Prince and Jeremy Lampkin are the Northern Oklahoma College basketball players of the week, Greg Krause, NOC athletic director and women's basketball coach, announced.
Lillian Prince is a sophomore from Putnam City High School in Oklahoma City. Jeremy Lampkin, is a 6-foot-4-inch sophomore wing from Peachtree City, Ga.
Men's coach Brett Weiberg said, "Jeremy played really well in the two league wins we had last week. He has taken his game to another level in terms of rebounding and taking and finishing quality shots. He is turning out to be a really good player. I expect big things from him as we continue with conference play. Jeremy had no points and two rebounds in limited playing time, due to foul trouble, in a win against Southwest Christian. Jeremy had 31 points and 11 rebounds in a win at home against Western. He followed up with 12 points and eight rebounds with a win at Redlands."
01-14-2011 12pts, 8rbs, 4asst- Win
01-12-2011 Double - Double + Win+ Season High= 29pts, 11rbs, 4 asst, 3stls, 1blck.
Three Mavericks scored in double figures. Damion Hooks had 15, Elhad Emerllahu had 13 and Jeremy Lampkin had 12. Lampkin had a double-double, pulling down 10 rebounds to lead in that category. Lampkin also led in boards, with 11.


22 * Jeremy Lampkin 6/10 2/3 1/3 15 4 3 7 4 1 2 0 0 25:28
I had my first double-double 12pts-10rbs on 12/07/10 against Allen.
Jeremy Lampkin - So - Peachtree City, Georgia
Jeremy averaged 7 points and 4 rebounds during the week versus Pratt, Connors, and Cowley.
"Jeremy had a solid week. He is one of our team leaders and his leadership is very valuable to our team. As the year progresses, Jeremy's growth as a player and leader will be substantial." - Coach Weiberg

Invited to Mullen's Elite 80 Camp in July 2010.
Top Scoring, Rebounds, and Shooting Pct for the Year.
Season High 28points.
Jeremy Lampkin scored 12 points to lead Northern Oklahoma, Marion added 11 and Reid Whitley had 10. The Mavericks didn't break double digits on the scoreboard until 9:30 remained in the first half, scoring 24 points both before and after the break. (Times-Republican) Central Iowa's News Paper.
08-09 Set school record for 2mile at 10:59.
08-17-09 Started at Northern Oklahoma College.
07-12-09 Signed Letter Of Intent to Northern Oklahoma College for Full Basketball Scholarship for 1 Year.
04-09-09 Named to All County First Team.
Received the Coach's Award at Team Banquet.
I was named to the All Region Team for 2008-2009.
02-28-09 State Tournament Game 1 against Marist High. We Lost. I had 7pts, 4rbs, 3assts, 3stls. We had three players out. One was the starting point guard. I was recovering from a groin pull. Great season though. It was the best in the school's history.
02-21-09 Regional Tournament Game4 against Sandy Creek. We Won. I had 30pts, 7rbs, 4assts, 1blk, 1stl. Two Dunks- 1 two-handed ally and 1 chest to chest pwr dunk.
02-20-09 Regional Tournament Game3 against Fayette. We Lost. I had 16pts, 2assts, 1stl. in 2qtrs.
02-19-09 Regional Tournament Game2 against Banneker. We won. I had 9pts, 2asst, 2blks, 1stl in 3qtrs.
02-17-09 Regional Tournament Game1 against N. Gait. We won. I had 21pts, 4assts, 3stls, 1blck, 5deflections.
Gwinnett Prep Rally-
TOP BOYS PLAYERS: Noel Johnson, Malcolm Jackson, Jeremy Lampkin, Malcolm Brogdon MARCH 24-27, 2009
BUILDING BLOCKS: Kody Hastings, Jeremy Lampkin, Addison Flynn FEBRUARY 24-27, 2009
TEAM LEADER: Jeremy LampkinFEBRUARY 17-20, 2009
BUILDING BLOCKS: Jeremy Lampkin, Jonell Taylor, Laura Higgason

PLAYS OF THE WEEK: Tessah Holt, Jeremy Lampkin JANUARY 6-9, 2009
PLAYS OF THE WEEK: Noel Johnson, Jeremy Lampkin, Malcom JacksonDECEMBER 23-26, 2008
02-17-09 Named Mike Fitzpatrick Athlete of the Week in the Newspaper.
02-09-09 I was featured on fayettepreprally at
02-04-09 I was named Athlete of the Week at my school, which will be in tThe Citizen Newspaper the week of 02-09-09.
02-03-09 We played Stars Mill and won. I scored 15pts, 6assts, 4stls, 2blks, 3rbs, in 3 qtrs.
01-30-09 We played Fayette (Noel Johnson)and lost. I scored 18pts, 4assts, 2blks, 3stls, 3rbs, in 3qtrs in regulation, plus we went into dbl OT.
01-27-09 We played TriCities and Won. I scored 32pts, 3stls, 4 assts, 2blks, 2rbs, and 3dunks.
01-23-09 We played Lithia Springs and lost. I scored 15pts, 4 assts, 3 stls, 2blks, 2rbs. I played 3 qtrs.
01-20-09 We played Banniker High and lost. I scored 10pts, 4assts, 2stls, 2blks, 1rb. I played for 3 1/2qtrs.
01-17-09 We played Douglas Co. and won. I scored 11pts, 6assts, 2blks, 2stls, and 3rbs. Record is now 15-4.
01-16-09 We played Sandy Creek and lost. I scored 16pts, 1stl, 6rbs, 3assts, 3blks. Record is now 14-4.
01-13-09 We played Villa Rica and won. I scored 10pts, 2stls, 6assts, 2rbs. Record is now 14-3.
01-09-09 We played Alexander and lost. I scored 19pts, 6stls, 3assts, 4rbs, 2blks.
01-10-09 We played Whitewater and won. I scored 15pts, 4stls, 3assts, 3rbs, 3blks.
Male Athlete of the Week

Lampkin Leads the Chiefs

By Zack Huffman

Jeremy Lampkin


As the Chiefs continue their successful run, Jeremy Lampkin is helping to ensure McIntosh has a formidable offense on the hardwood.

According to coach Jason Eisele, Lampkin maintains a competitive edge that allows him to outscore the competition.

“He’s a real big competitor,” he said. “He wants to do well in everything he does.”

As for his scoring, Eisele praised the McIntosh senior’s balanced approach at attacking the net.

“He’s a duel threat,” he said. “He’s a clutch shooter, but he’s definitely one of those players that can take it to the hole.”

With just one state playoff appearance in McIntosh’s past, Lampkin is determined to make this season historic for the Chiefs.

“If we just keep working hard and pushing ourselves we have a very good chance of making it back there,” he said.

Success on the court aside, Lampkin believes it is very important to give back to the community. When he isn’t sinking buckets, the 6’3” small forward does community service work with his church.

Lampkin said, giving back is a good way for him to repay the support he receives from the community every game night.

01-06-09 Mays High School at Mays. We won. I scored 15pts. Ally-oop dunks. 3blks, 4stls, 6assts, 4rbs.
12-30-08 We played at Jones County High Tournament. We won 3rd place. I scoerd 12 including one dunk and a two handed ally-oop. I had 5 stls, 4blks, 3assts, and 3rbs.
12-29-08 We played at Jones County High Tournament. We won by about 30pts. I scored 12pts, 4blks, 3assts, 3rbs, 2stls in 1 1/2qtrs. I had three two-handed power dunks.
12-27-08 We played at Jones County High Tournament. We lost by 2pts, after being down most of the game by 10. I scored 13pts, 3 stls, 3rbs.
12-20-08 We played Broadie High and lost. I shot the 3ptr that took us to OT w/no time left on the clock. We had several turnovers that sealed the game. I had 17pts, 4assts, 5stls, 4rbs, and 2blks.
12-19-08 We played Landmark High tonight in a tournament at Whitewater. We won 88-36. I played two qutrs and scored 13, including 3 dunks (1ally, 1two handed and1, and a two handed pwr clean up dunk), 3 assts, 1blk, 4 steals, and 4 rbs. His games and /or highlights will be aired on Channel 25 on Comcast.
12-13-08 Whitewater. We won. I had 16pts, 5stls, 2bs, 3assts, 1two-handed dunk.
12-9-08 Northgate. We won. I had 22pts, 7rbs, 2assts, 3stls, and 2blks. I was interviewed by for future coverage of games.
12-6-08 Eastside High We won 56-55. I hit the game winner at the line. I had 12pts, 6rbs, 3asst, 4 stls, 1blk, and 1 3ptr. 4 missed two-handed dunks, due to fouls. Season Record so far 6-0.
11-29-08 North Oconee High Thanksgiving Tourny Championship Game- We won big (by 20). I had 13pts (1pwr ally two-handed dunk), 3 steals, 4 assts, 3rbds, 1blk. I won Tournament MVP.
11-28-08 North Oconee High Thanksgiving Tourny- We won. I had to sit out most of 1st half w/2fouls. Ended up w/14pts (2handed 4pwr dunks), 5 assts, 5rbds, 3 stls, 2blks.
11-20-08 Played against Cedar Shoals- We won, but very ugly game. I was in early foul trouble and had a very low point output. I sat most of the 3rd and 4th Qtrs, and got put back in w/3:50 to go in the game. I ended up w/4 pts, 7blocks, 7rbs, 2stls, 3assts.

11-18-08 Played against Stars Mill High- Led the entire game. I played most of the game. I had 14pts. 4 were dunks. 3 were ally's. 1 was a two handed reverse ally. 1 of 3 3ptrs. 4 stls, 4 rbs, 3assts.
11-15-08 Played against East Coweta High- We came back from a 15 down. I played most of the game. I scored 27pts ttl, 2 3ptrs (one at the buzzer at halftime), 10 of 12 file shots, 3 stls, 2 blks, 4 rbs, and 3 asst.
11-13-08- Played an exibition game against Lagrange High School- I played sparingly, because the coach said that he wanted to practice his substituting. I scored 10pts, 5rbs, 5blks, 5asst, and 3stls. We lost by ten.
I played in 2008 Natl. AAU Addidas Tour- played in Cincinatti, Orlando, Aiken South Carolina, Ga. Tech and others. I worked out with Jax University Basketball Team in April '08.
I received the Coach's Award from my High School team in 2008, which is considered the Leadership Award.
I made All Region 2-AAAA 1st Team in 2008. I am the Varsity Team Captain as a Junior and have started every game this year w/ an avg. of about 12 or more points per game (25 being my highest so far last week), w/about 6 asst. per game. I played with the Hoop Planet Natl. AAU 17 and under this past summer at age 15. I played at Pitt Jam Fest, Cincinatti Bearcats Summer Tourny, GSU Summer Tourny, Lipscomb University Tourny, and was invited to an Elite Camp at FSU. We won most of our AAU Tournaments this summer and I started in most of the games. We were the AAU Tournament Champs 16-U in Augusta, Ga. in April 2007. I started every game and the team was 5-0 for the tournament. I led the team in dunks for the weekend. I started on my high school team and led the team in dunks and blocks for the season of 2006-2007, as a sophomore.
I helped lead our high school team (McIntosh High) to its first State Tournament appearence.

Basketball Additional

Have started our season at 1-3.

McIntosh and Creek head to state as well 2009-02-24

By Trey Alverson

LITHIA SPRINGS -- After a rough day on the court at Lithia Springs Saturday, both Sandy Creek squads can take solace in the fact that their seasons live on. Despite a pair of lopsided losses, Creek's teams are still headed to the state playoffs.

And the McIntosh boys can only be thrilled with how Saturday transpired. Not only did the Chiefs bounce back from a Friday setback against Fayette County, they avenged an earlier loss to Sandy Creek and now look poised to make a successful state playoff run.

The Chiefs exploded for 37 points in the fourth quarter to beat Creek 90-75 in the boys 5-AAAA third place game.

"We played with a tremendous amount of energy and that was the key," said McIntosh head coach Jason Eisele. "I told the guys, be aggressive. Go out, have fun, but do it aggressively. In the fourth we got hands in the passing lanes and disrupted their offense. That sparked our scoring."

The Chiefs held a 53-50 lead after three tough quarters, but during the final frame Jeremy Lampkin and Chiefs soared--literally.

Lampkin flew through the air and dunked twice during McIntosh's 22-3 scoring blitz that opened the fourth--sending the fans to their feet each time. He finished with a game high 30 points.

"It stung losing to Creek during the regular season," Eisele stated. "Our seniors like Jeremy wanted to send a message. I think it'll be tough to beat us if we can continue to play this aggressively."

Three other Chiefs scored in double figures. Senior guards Isaac Woodley and Michael Chisholm went for 18 and 15 respectively. Junior wing Josh Ball added 11 points.

In the consolation games - Sandy Creek’s girls lost 80-45 while McIntosh beat Sandy Creek’s boys 90-75. Jeremy Lampkin scored 30 points for the Chiefs, while Isaac Woodley added 18, Michael Chisholm scored 15 and Josh Ball had 11. Malcolm Jackson scored 29 for the Patriots while Emerson Williams added 15.

Published Tuesday, February 17, 2009 in Sports
McIntosh KOs Northgate in 5-AAAA tourney
By Tommy Camp
The Times-Herald

LITHIA SPRINGS - The Northgate Vikings couldn’t stop McIntosh’s Jeremy Lampkin or Michael Chisolm here Tuesday night as the duo combined for 39 points and the Chiefs eliminated the Vikings from the Region 5-AAAA tournament, 67-47.
“We got beat by a good basketball team,” said Northgate coach Mack Cain.
“That number 24 (Lampkin) is a very good player. We didn’t have an answer for him.”
Lampkin scored 12 of his 21 points in the first quarter as the Chiefs came out smoking and built a 26-12 lead in the first eight minutes.
The Vikings got as close as seven in the second quarter, but no closer and they finished the year 10-17.
“I was proud of our kids,” Cain continued. “I think we had a good year. Some people might not think 10 wins is a good year, but our kids worked hard and for us 10 wins is a good season.”
The Vikings got in the tournament by virtue of their “play-in” win over Starr’s Mill last Friday.
“This was a good experience for us, just getting here,” the coach said. “Now we know what it feels like to be here. We’ll be better for the experience.”
Northgate led only twice, 2-0 and 5-3 in the first two and a half minutes, then the Chiefs took off.
Lampkin scored 10 of his team’s next 15 points including a four-point play when he was fouled on a long net-ripper from beyond the arc and hit his free throw.
“We’d just lose him coming down the floor,” Cain said. “And he’d be wide open for a jump shot.”
Marquice Mobley’s basket pulled Northgate to within seven, 31-24, with 2:53 left in the first half, but McIntosh increased its lead, primarily from the free throw line, and was up 37-26 at halftime.
The closest the Vikings came in the second half was 39-28 with 6:47 left in the third quarter, but McIntosh pulled away, this time for good, sparked by back-to-back steals and layups by Josh Ball.
It was 51-38 going to the fourth quarter.
Tuesday’s Viking loss was the third of the year to the Chiefs, but by far the most lopsided.
McIntosh beat the Northgate boys, 54-49, in Peachtree City on Dec. 9 and 46-42 in the Johnny Brown Gym on Jan. 30.
Hopkins led Northgate with 22 points and Mobley finished with 12.
McIntosh had a trio of players in double figures. In addition to Lampkin, Michael Chisolm scored 18 and Ball had 11.
The Northgate Lady Vikings play Mays tonight at 7 p.m. in the girls’ second round game.

McIntosh, Creek and Fayette are in! 2009-02-20
By Trey Alverson

LITHIA SPRINGS -- McIntosh, Sandy Creek and Fayette County boys' basketball teams are all headed to the state playoffs.
The county's top three squads each won Thursday in the second round of the region tournament to advance to the 5-AAAA semifinals.
McIntosh started out the day by knocking off fourth seeded Banneker in a mild upset, 51-46. Creek followed with a thrilling, down to the wire 67-62 victory over Villa Rica.

State bound: several teams punch tickets for playoffs
McIntosh’s boys advanced to the second round of the Region 5-AAAA tournament at Lithia Springs with a 67-47 win over Northgate on Tuesday. Jeremy Lampkin led the Chiefs with 21 points, while Michael Chisholm added 18 and Josh Ball contributed 11. Northgate was led by 22 points from Brandon Hopkins and 12 points from Marquez Mobley.
“The steals that Josh Ball and Jeremy Lampkin piled up really sparked our offense.”
During one third quarter stretch, Ball and Lampkin combined for five steals in just under two minutes. Every one of them led to outlet passes and easy fastbreak buckets.
Lampkin led the Chiefs with 21 points. Several minutes into the first quarter, he pulled off a basketball rarity: a four point play.
Lampkin was knocked to the floor after launching a three pointer from the corner. Despite the hard foul, his shot found the bottom of the net.
Lampkin then drained the bonus free throw, giving the Chiefs an 18-8 lead.

Tigers win 2 OT thriller over Chiefs in key region clash 2009-02-02

By Trey Alverson

When local rivals McIntosh and Fayette County meet on the basketball court, history tells us that the fans will get their money’s worth.

“McIntosh pushes us to the max,” said Fayette head coach Andre Flynn.

“It’s always close. Every time we play them it’s a close game.”

Friday night was no exception.

The two teams spent four intense quarters and two overtime periods writing what may go down in history as the single most thrilling chapter of the county’s oldest and most intense basketball rivalry.

The Tigers emerged victorious on their home court, winning 72-69 to cap off a dramatic comeback.

The 10th ranked Chiefs took a 9-0 early lead and then stayed out in front of the ninth ranked Tigers for the next three and a half quarters.

But Fayette sophomore Malcom Brogdon’s rebound and putback with :17 left in the fourth tied the game at 60-60. The teams soon found themselves in OT.

Adam Smith’s banked jumper early in the first overtime period gave Fayette its first lead of the ballgame.

Noel Johnson’s free throws with four seconds left in the second overtime period put the Tigers up by three.

When McIntosh’s Jeremy Lampkin’s long fade-away three point attempt hit the rim and rattled out a few seconds later, the gym erupted in celebration.

The Tigers had completed the comeback--winning a game during which they had trailed for all of regulation and much of the two overtime periods.

“You couldn’t beat that game, as far as excitement goes,” Flynn exclaimed.

“We didn’t give up. McIntosh is a well-coached, disciplined and talented basketball team. We did a lot of things to catch up late that aren’t going to show up in the stat sheet.”

With superstar Noel Johnson struggling through an off shooting night and fellow senior Addison Flynn in foul trouble for much of the contest, the starting sophomore trio of Smith, Brogdon and Maurice Williams stepped it up for the Tigers.

“Maurice is our defensive enforcer and he was huge against McIntosh. He battled on the boards and kept finding ways to come up with the ball.

His block in the second OT is really what won us the game,” Flynn said. “And I can’t say enough about Adam Smith. He’s just a sophomore, too. He kept us in that one with some big, big shots.”

Smith actually led all scorers with 27 points--including four timely three pointers scattered throughout key moments of the game.

Brogdon scored 13 and Williams and Johnson both chipped in a dozen points a piece.

Josh Ball and Jeremy Lampkin both scored 18 points for the visiting Chiefs. Guards Michael Chisholm and Isaac Woodley also hit double figures for McIntosh, scoring 11 and 10 points respectively.

It was Ball’s red hot first half that gave McIntosh its early advantage. The junior swing man scored seven during the Chief’s game opening 13-2 run.

But the Tigers closed the quarter with six consecutive points to shrink the early lead to five.

A similar theme followed in the second. Ball retained his hot hand, going for eight in the quarter. However, a 26-15 McIntosh shrank to an eight point margin by the time the buzzer sounded.

In the third, the Tigers outscored the Chiefs 20-13, but still trailed by a point heading into the fourth.

Lampkin, Isaac Woodley and Michael Chisholm then did their best to put the game away. The trio shared the rock and poured on the points, but Fayette lingered not too far behind. Woodley’s steal and layup with just under two minutes remaining made it 59-53 in favor of the Chiefs.

But Brogdon backed in and hit a turnaround 20 seconds later to cut the lead to four.

Johnson finally splashed one of his trademark threes from the corner with 1:20 left to make it 59-58, but Lampkin drew a foul on Johnson just seconds later. The foul was Johnson’s fourth and it put McIntosh in the double bonus.

Lampkin made the first, but missed his second free throw. Trailing by two, Fayette pulled down the board and called a timeout to draw up a play.

Johnson badly missed his three point attempt from the corner with 30 seconds left and the Chiefs snatched the rebound and ran.

The fastbreak that ensued looked like it would put the game out of reach. Lampkin hoped to do so with an exclamation mark.

Without a Tiger in sight, he took the outlet pass and elevated for a dunk. But his two-handed slam was all rim. The missed dunk gave Fayette another chance.

When Johnson’s three ball rattled out, Brogdon snatched the board and converted the putback.

Chisholm appeared to hit the game winner a few seconds later, but was whistled for traveling moments before getting off the shot.

With the score tied at 64, the Tigers game planned for the last shot in the first OT.

But Flynn’s corner three did not fall. Ball grabbed the rebound and launched a prayer at the buzzer that came agonizingly close to ending the game.

In the closing seconds of the second OT, Williams’ clean block of Hodson McFarland’s driving shot swung the momentum back toward the Fayette bench. Johnson then made a pair of free throws before Lampkin barely missed the buzzer three that would have sent the game to a third OT.

The Tigers clinched the No. 1 seed in the region tournament with the win. They are 10-0 in 5-AAAA and 15-7 overall. McIntosh fell to 5-5 in the region and 16-7 on the season.

Thursday, January 15, 2009
AAAA sleepers:
McIntosh – After losing big man Rob Chubb to a private school in Florida, the Peachtree City squad is having a great year so far thanks in large part to the play of Jeremy Lampkin.
Just played in the Pitt Jam Fest in Pittsburgh, Pa. at the University of Pittsburgh w/the 17-U team. I had 5 blocks in one game and a three pointer. Feedback from one Div. 1 school was that they liked the way I jumped and blocked shots. 04/30/07: Just returned from Nashville, Tn. at Lipscomb University for a 16-U AAU Tourny where I scored 15pts and two dunks in two separate games. Our record was 1-2 for the weekend.
McIntosh boys, girls almost shock state-ranked Westlake
Fri, 02/08/2008 - 11:30pm
By: Kevin Wandra
The unranked McIntosh Chiefs were on the verge Friday of upsetting the state?s top-ranked team, the Westlake Lions, and handing them their first Region 2-AAAA loss of the season.

McIntosh at one point led by as many as 13, but the Lions roared back, with Oklahoma signee Raymond Willis delivering the dagger in McIntosh?s heart, a 3-pointer from the left corner with 1.2 seconds remaining that helped the Lions escape with their 13th consecutive victory, 62-61 in Peachtree City.

In the girls game, the unranked Lady Chiefs also came close to pulling out a shocking victory, but the third-ranked Lady Lions held on for their sixth straight victory, 38-31.

Entering the boys game, Westlake had won all 15 region games it had played, including a 79-58 thrashing of McIntosh in January.

The rematch proved far more difficult for Westlake (22-2, 16-0 region), which was surprising, considering two McIntosh starters sat out the first quarter due to illness (center Robert Chubb and forward Robert Michel), one was unavailable to play due to suspension (shooting guard Cameron Rich) and another was out with a season-ending knee injury (point guard Jake Tanis).

McIntosh (12-9, 8-8 region) still had the services of electrifying forward Jeremy Lampkin, who led McIntosh with 22 points, and guard Isaac Woodley (18 points) and center Carson Crandall (10 points) filled in admirably for McIntosh?s missing starters.

The Chiefs certainly had plenty of opportunities to take down the might Lions, but Willis, as he has done all season for Westlake, delivered when his team needed him most.

Willis, who scored a game-high 25 points, opened overtime with a runner that gave Westlake its first lead since the second quarter.

Then Westlake spread the court and patiently passed the ball around to kill the clock early in overtime, eliciting a chorus of boos from the crowd.

Westlake added one more point, on a free throw by Khamori Watts, to make it 59-56.

Woodley brought McIntosh back, sinking a runner and drawing a foul, which led to Woodley displaying an emphatic fist pump.

Woodley drained the resulting free throw to complete the three-point play and tie the game at 59 with 29.8 seconds remaining.

Willis responded with the go-ahead 3-pointer to hand Westlake a 62-59 lead.

Then, with both teams off the court during a timeout, Westlake was assessed a technical foul on its bench. Woodley stepped up to the free throw line and sank both free throws to make it 62-61.

McIntosh failed to get off another shot the rest of the way.

?We?ll learn from this game,? McIntosh coach Jason Eisele said. ?It?s a tough loss, but it?s exactly what we needed heading into the region tournament next week. We know we can play well against Westlake, the No. 1 team in the state. It?s a step in the right direction.?

The Chiefs held a double-digit lead (43-31) heading into the fourth quarter, and it appeared they were set to stun the Lions. McIntosh?s lead remained in double digits as late as three minutes left in the quarter, thanks mainly to Lampkin, whose high-flying dunk and a finger-roll layup off a steal put McIntosh in front 51-41.

Westlake prevented McIntosh from pulling ahead even further with a 9-0 run that slashed the Chiefs? lead to 51-50 with 1:27 remaining. Willis had four points, including a beautiful floater that glanced off the glass and into the basket, during the run.

A two-handed dunk and a reverse layup by Chubb and a free throw by Mikey Cerezola widened McIntosh?s lead to 56-51.

Westlake?s Matthew Fields brought his team back with two huge plays.

Fields drove into traffic in the lane, spun and hit an off-balance jumper, then drew a foul. He sank the resulting free throw to complete a three-point play.

Fields torched McIntosh again the next trip down the court, taking a pass from Willis, dribbling hard along the baseline and scoring on a reverse layup that tied the game at 56 with 6.9 seconds remaining.

McIntosh had one last chance to grab a shocking victory in regulation, but Michel?s baseline jumper was off the mark.

The Chiefs led by as many as 12 in the first half following a 12-0 run late in the second quarter. Lampkin and Crandall each scored five points for McIntosh during its run.

The girls came was surprisingly close until the end ? Westlake led by only six with three minutes to go ? mainly because the Lady Chiefs (10-11, 6-10 region) were able to slow down Westlake?s up-tempo offense.

?When we can slow teams down in transition, we are a pretty good halfcourt defensive team,? McIntosh coach David Dowse said. ?We were able to slow down Westlake tonight. We lost, but we played a smart game.?

With their transition game bogged down, Westlake (19-2, 15-1 region) turned to its star center, Tamika Willis, and she came through, scoring a game-high 18 points. She was the lone Lady Lion to score in double figures.

McIntosh center Erin Justice came close to matching Willis? output, scoring a team-high 12 points. Denise Hinton and Shelbi Sims both added seven for McIntosh.

McIntosh takes Creekside to 2 OTs before falling, 83-80; Lady Chiefs get 42-40 win 2008-02-05

By Trey Alverson

McIntosh battled region foe Creekside in Peachtree City on Friday in a pair of barnburners on the basketball court.
The Lady Chiefs first narrowly escaped with a 42-40 victory, but the boys matchup turned out to be an even closer double overtime thriller.
The Chiefs lost to the Creekside boys 83-80 after their third comeback of the night ran out of steam at the end of the second overtime period.
McIntosh had previously rallied from behind to force both a first and a second overtime in one of the most exciting Region 2-AAAA games of the year.
Jeremy Lampkin led the Chiefs with 22 points.
Also reaching double figures for McIntosh were Cameron Rich (18), Isaac Woodley (10) and Patrick Michel (12).
Both teams traded baskets all night long, with neither squad contolling momentum or building a significant lead.
Creekside?s man to man defense limited McIntosh?s size advantage in the post, while the Chiefs? zone defense helped keep Creekside phenom Kevin Murphy near the perimeter.
?Hats off to [Creekside] coach [Brett] Lewis for a good game plan,? McIntosh coach Jason Eisele said. ?They took away our big guys in the second half.?
Creekside appeared to settle into control late in the fourth, but the Chiefs rallied back from a 55-49 deficit to tie the game at 58-58 with only 11 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter.
The Chiefs had posession and appeared to be poised to set up a game-winning shot, but Woodley?s inbound pass sent Rich falling out of bounds.
After the turnover, Murphy tried to take the ball inside as time expired, but Robert Chubb delivered a crucial block to force extra play.
Murphy caught fire after regulation. The 6?6? combo guard reeled off a pair of quick buckets to give Creekside an immediate 63-59 advantage in the bonus period.
The Seminoles maintained a four point lead until Lampkin nailed a clutch three-pointer with 20 seconds left.
The Chiefs sent Creekside?s Malcolm Penn to the line with 18 on the clock. Penn made one of two to give Creekside a 70-68 lead.
With time running out Lampkin drove the lane and fed the ball to Chubb. The 6?8? junior dunked with authority to force yet another overtime period.
Murphy helped Creekside amass a quick lead in the second overtime--one that would finally be enough to withstand the inevitable McIntosh rally.
Lampkin missed a potentially game tying three at the buzzer allowing Creekside to barely beat McIntosh for the second time this season.
?We got better tonight,? Eisele exclaimed. ?It was our first overtime game of the season. We stayed focused.
?We?re right there with Creekside. They beat us by one at their place in December.?
The memorable performance by Creekside?s Murphy might not have been enough if McIntosh had delivered from the free throw line. Murphy scored 35 points, 18 of which came after regulation, while McIntosh converted only 17 of 32 free throw attempts.
?We probably missed enough free throws to win it three times over,? said McIntosh Coach Jason Eisele. ?Normally, we shoot a good percentage from the free throw line. That?s unfortunate for us.?
McIntosh fell to 7-7 in , but maintained their hold on the fourth seed. At 11-4, Creekside will most likely enter the tournament as the No. 3 seed behind Westlake and Fayette.


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ACT Score (Composite)
High School
Lynn University
School City
Boca Raton
School State
Guidance Counselor
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Class Size
School Size
Class Rank
School Division
Major Category
Business Mgmt and Admin. Services
Accounting and Business/Management
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Engineering-Rel. Technol./Technician
Engineering Related Technologies/Technicians
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Arts - Visual and Performing
Other Academic Information
2011, 2012, 2013 Dean's List. Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Lynn University. 2010 Dean's List Spring Semester Graduated Magna Cum Laude from NOC 04/2011. Team Award for Highest GPA of Freshmn Year at 4.0, plus a $1000.00. 2010 Fall Semester Dean's List 3.67. 2010 Dean's List 3.7 GPA. 2010 President's Scholar Award at Northern Oklahoma College for a 4.0. Events Coverage 06/10/07 By Harry Douglas The Dirty South Classic was hosted by Sean Jones. It was held at at Norcross High School.
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I spoke to the Lynn University Sponsors about being a student athlete in 2013.
I was asked by my principal to speak at our Baccalaureate, and I did.
Spoke to the congregation Sunday morning 05-03-09, on behalf of Seniors at Peachtree City United Methodist Church on Senior Day.
Junior Escort for Debutante Ball for friends of the family, where I won an Academic Scholarship for an essay. Channel 25 on Comcast.
sportpics by sharon

Additional Questions:
Why do you want to be recruited to play sports in college?
Athletes are often leaders on and off the field. Please provide one example of how you have demonstrated leadership in both areas.

I will always work with kids, knowing that the inspiration that I give can motivate them to be better at what they do.

Please explain how you pursue "healthy athletic performance" as a student-athlete.

Again, I returned to my personal trainer and continued to work on my overall conditioning for the summer of 2011.
I paid out of my own pocket for a personal trainer in the summer of 2010, to help prepare my body for the upcoming season. He helped increase my body mass and stregth, and also increase my vertical to 36 inches.

Please describe how you are involved in service in your community and why these efforts are important to you.

This summer I participated in two youth basketball camps in Peachtree City, and I worked our family's own Camp Innovations with 5 boys.
I've worked with the Youth Program at Peachtree City United Methodist Church throughout my high school career. I was lead in many skits, plays, and/or dance presentations that they had. I worked as a Youth Leader Intern in the summer of 2010. I work with the youth at church in Oklahoma as I attend Northern Oklahoma College. I led my family's first boy's camp at our home for two weeks in July 2010. There were 8 boys from ages 6-17 and I was their leader. I worked them out every morning. I led the devotions and shared knowledge of what I've learned through the years. It was a spawn project that my parents are going to now do as a regular program, to provide a two week learning experience for under priviledged African American young boys.

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