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Name Phone Email Team Name City State
Club Linda Wright Hanford Water Polo Club Hanford -
High School Steve Allen/ Stephanie
Wins Losses
17 5
Physical Attributes
Water Polo Honors

Varsity letter at Arroyo Grande HS 2013. I played Varsity this year. I played Set. We were Undefeated! I played 2M and next year Varsity as I go into my soph year.
Sophomore I played 2 M and started every game. We took 2nd at D2 Games. This year we became Division 2 Champions as well as my winter polo club coach taking her team to D 3 Champions. My family moved for my parents jobs and I have switched schools. They play Winter ball at Arroyo Grande High. I am excited to be involved with polo I love it.

Water Polo Additional

Summer polo has started.with 2 a glad to be back in th3 water. I will post where we will be playing games over the next 6 weeks before we head to italy to train! Maybe I.can meet you. I will officially be a senior! am currently playing club polo for the next few months. In July I will be traveling with my team to play and improve my game in Florence and Rome. When we return we will be playing JO's. I hope to meet you then.

JV at my new school but I have asked to practice with the Varsity. I sprint sometime in every game. I start every game. I have had an average of 5 goals a game and at least 2-3 asst. Per game. I have been working on steals and do so every game. I hope I can put up some video soon.
I know they do not keep stats for JV at my new school but I have a score average of about 80 %. I am very committed and a team player.
Sophomore year: My attempts this year were 43, scored 33. I had 14 steals. I had 14 drawn ejections.. I would love you to follow me through my High School water polo career. If you are interested. I will post my stats as we play. I also Swim. S


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Arroyo Grande High School
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I was just awarded with an Academic Letter. I am Freshman Class President. I am also in Chamber singers. I am learning to read music, speak spanish and raise funds for our school. This will be a big year for me on top of taking some good classes, playing water polo and now swim season is starting. I swim fly, Free, Free relay and back. Junior year/ I have transferred high schools for my parents employment. I was not eligible to be involved with all the things I was in at HWHS because I was enrolled the start of the year, however, I am staying involved in the community through volunteering with blood drives and community outreach programs at my church. I am still singing and plan on continuing to learn playing my guitar. I hope to record something soon. Next year (my senior year) I hope be back in Link crew at my new High School and be more involved.
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*******1/31/14 I am heading North this weekend to Skills USA for a potential scholarship and honor. I will tour the UCMBcampus with my parents. I would love to connect!

*******++Next week week 2/5-6-7-8/14 I will head south with my Arroyo Grande HS team go Eagles! We will be playing a tourney in Irvine.

6/11 I am heading toSanta Barbara HS. We play at 645 pm.let me know if your there. We play #2 @ 730 pm. Summer. League I am 17or 7.

6/9. 2 of 2. We play again at 4. AGHS.
Thanks for watching Coach J. It was nice to meet you.
6/5/13 we are playing a tourney at AGHS Arroyo Grande HS on Sunday 6/9/13. I am playing on the gold team if you are in San Luis Obispo County and want to see the games.

5/31/13. Summer is here. I am playing in the Santa Barbara summer league. 6/9 tourney at AGHS. 6/11 and 6/25 Santa Barbara area TBA.
5/16/13. We have started Summer polo! Over the next 5 weeks I will post where we will be playing. Perhaps we can meet. I will officially be a senior! July 7 we leave for Italy to train! Thanks for looking me up~Sara.CIF. LWe are heading to Irvine to play game 2. Game one we won over Clairmont. I had 3 steals and 2 asst. Tomorrow is game 2!

1/11/13 today I play as a 17 year old. We have a tourney in Lompoc this weekend. I will post game stats from both games today and try to get some film on. Have a good weekend! <3 Sara

I have just moved to Arroyo Grande, CA. I will update as our season moves forward. We play winter ball.I will be registering NCAA soon. You can contact my parents if you like. This is my Junior.year and I would love to talk to you about visiting your school. I am excited and moving through the season. After season I will be swimming so please follow me as I post swim times.

I am Lithuanian, English and my brothers and I are tall!

I am determined and keep the competition in the pool. I do what t takes to be successful.

Things I Love:
Water polo

Comedy (I love to laugh)
Practicig ASL
Assisting children with disabilities

Favorite tv shows

Pretty Little Liars
Switched at Birth
Cupcake wars

Additional Questions:
Why do you want to be recruited to play sports in college?
Athletes are often leaders on and off the field. Please provide one example of how you have demonstrated leadership in both areas.
Please explain how you pursue "healthy athletic performance" as a student-athlete.
Please describe how you are involved in service in your community and why these efforts are important to you.
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Blog Posts

Irvine for tourney play Feb. 5,6,7,8
January 31, 2014
Looking forward to some great games.
I will be in Salinas tonight for a Skills USA on sSatrday.
January 31, 2014
Going to look around Monterey Bay Campus with my parents.
JO weekend 21,22,23. Pamona CA Friday, Sat and Sun.
June 15, 2013
We will be playing all 3 days. Hope roses you.
suits for Italy are here....
June 15, 2013
American colors on one side...Italian on the other and Arroyo Grande Eagle in the middle....USA on the back! I am so proud!!!
Games at Santa Barbara 6/11/13
June 11, 2013
645p and 700 pm. If your.interested please let me know. I will post information. Have a great week!!!!
play @Clovis North on Saturday 4/13
April 11, 2013
We have a fee games to play at Clovis North this Saturday. I would love to talk with you.