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Four Websites to Help You Plan for College

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You’ve just started the college search and it hasn’t been easy. Trying to figure out what scholarships, fees, dorms, and other factors will be like for each school on your list requires a lot of your time searching the web. From the kind of social life on campus right down to the exact dimensions of your dorm room, we’re sure you have a million questions. We’ve prepared a list of four great websites to help you on your college search:

Collegeboard -
Although Collegeboard is primarily known for the great resources it offers for SAT and AP Tests, it also provides a great resource for quickly viewing school information like financial aid, deadlines, acceptance rates, class sizes, tuition costs, and application requirements. They also have several useful features that allows you to create a list of potential colleges along with the ability to compare academics and costs between schools. Although not a substitute for visiting the official school websites of your top choices, this is a great website to organize and compare major factors between schools you are considering. -
Attempting to figure out the complexities of the financial aid process can prove to be difficult. is a government website that provides easy to understand content for parents and students with questions about financial aid. They offer informative articles and videos for students preparing for college about what type of aid exists, who qualifies, and how to apply for aid.

FastWeb -
Searching for scholarships can be a daunting task. Fastweb is one of the largest online resources for scholarships on the web. You will be able to find a wide variety of scholarships that apply to your specific background (i.e. sports, city, gender, ethnicity). Some scholarships require shorter length responses or even a video while others could require a lengthy essay and a letter of recommendation. Being proactive in the scholarship search can really benefit you in the long-run. Completing as many scholarships as possible through online resources like Fastweb can significantly decrease the costs of attending college.

Unigo is a free college resource website that provides basic college information and reviews for hundreds of colleges generated by college students. For each college profile student reviews, photos, and videos are provided from current students. The topics addressed by college students are diverse, ranging from descriptions of local food favorites, what classes are like, to what individual opinions are on their school. The site provides a plethora of topics and authentic content for prospective students to consider during the application process. The website also provides live video sessions with college counselors and current college students for a fee. This is another great resource that provides an authentic perspective about college life directly from the source.


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