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How to Optimize Your College Experience

We’ve all heard that college is supposed to be some of the best years of your life. That’s a lot of pressure on just four years! How can you make sure your college is the best fit for your best years?

Pick your school for the education, not the coach:

What happens if you can’t play the sport you were recruited for? What if the coach leaves? What if you suffer a career ending injury? You could be left at a school that you might not enjoy. Why waste the time and money? Start off right with a school that meets your academic and athletic needs.

Find a school that fits your style:

Don’t put yourself behind the social 8 ball from the get go. Go to a school that supports your extracurricular interests – are you a theater buff? Find a school with a healthy theater department. Are you dedicated to your religious beliefs? Find a club with fellow students who practice the same religion. Are you a city kid? You might find that a school in a college town might not keep your attention. Do you enjoy the charm of a small-town life? A school in the heart of a major metro area could prove to be overwhelming.

Distance from home:

College is the time for an adventure! But if this is the first time you’re spending a considerable amount of time away from home, consider staying within driving distance to your friends and family.

Pick a school that has your major (with options):

You might know what you want to be when you grow up, you might not. Make sure you have options to ensure success after college. Talk with your admissions counselor to see if they offer a few programs that spark your interest.

Hopefully your experience will create memories to last a lifetime. The key is to get involved and enjoy ever minute of it. They can be some of the most memorable four years of your life if you play your cards right.

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