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7 Tips To Staying Fit in College

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For athletes who like exercising outside of scheduled team workouts and practices, finding time to do so can sometimes be a struggle. Here are seven simple ways you can stay fit on your free time:

1. Take A Fitness Class at the Gym – Colleges often offer fitness classes through the school’s gym. Spend some time looking up fitness classes offered online. Classes that offered are often very diverse ranging from kickboxing, pilates, yoga, weight-training, to everything in between. Don’t be afraid to explore classes which you have never tried before.

2. Ride A Bike to Class – Riding a bike to class is an easy way to get some exercise time in during the week. Riding your bike daily will help you engage in some physical activity even if your schedule is jam-packed. Even on your off days taking a casual bike ride during the weekend is a fun way to get some exercise.

3. Take A Physical Education Class – Colleges often offer physical education classes for students to take for units. Classes can range anywhere from general fitness classes to introductory, intermediary, and expert sport classes.  These classes are a good way to force yourself to wake up early to get a workout in while simultaneously working on your conditioning.

4. Exercise With A Friend – One of the easiest tricks for making sure you work out during the school year in is to do it with a friend – at the gym, in a pick-up game, running outside. No matter what you do, you can hold each other accountable, motivate each other, and help each other improve through your daily workouts.

5. Walk Everywhere – Probably the simplest activity you can start doing now is to start walking everywhere – to campus, the grocery store, everywhere! If you rely on the bus to get yourself to class right now, consider waking up earlier each day so you can walk to your classes.

6. Work Out Between Classes If you have any hour or two hour gaps in your class schedule, this is the perfect time to get a workout in. Come to class wearing your gym clothes or with your gym clothes on hand so you can pop into the gym for a quick work out.

7. Pack A Healthy Lunch – As a college student you will have many choices when it comes to food. If staying fit is your goal then packing a healthy lunch is your best bet. Spend some time in the morning packing a lunch with a sandwich, some fruit, and water. Try to limit the sugar by cutting down on snacks and soda. Also make sure you are staying hydrated throughout the day.

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