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What Athletes Should Consider Doing Over Winter Break - Part 1

As you are just starting the recruiting process as a freshman or sophomore in high school, you might be under the impression that you are too young to reach out to coaches. If you are under this impression, think twice! It is more than likely that your name is already on a coaches recruiting list. With that said, it is a good idea to inform coaches that they are on your recruiting list as well.

With winter break around the corner, it would be wise to start thinking of your break as a great opportunity to catch up on your recruiting efforts. Without schoolwork taking up your time, winter break is a great chance to get ahead. If you are a freshman or sophomore in high school, here are 3 things that should be on your winter break to-do list.

1. Register for winter/spring tournaments. Most individual sports have tournaments during winter break and springtime. If you play a team sport and can not find tournaments then look into camps. Coaches want to see that you are competing and learning. Your freshman and sophomore year of high school is all about competing, showcasing your talent, and learning how to win!

2. Put together your spring tournament schedule. After you have taken the time to research potential tournaments and register for them, type your schedule up and print it on nice letterhead. If your high school competes during the spring then type up your teams schedule and print it on nice letterhead. Mail this schedule out to coaches!

3. Fill out those questionnaires! By now you have probably received tons of questionnaires to fill out. Many of you probably put them aside to save for a later date. Winter break is great opportunity to fill out those questionnaires and send them back to coaches! Questionnaires are important in the recruiting process because that is how many coaches are notified of your interest. Also, if you are asked what your top 3 college choices are, it is wise to list the college who sent the questionnaire in your top 3 and then list your other top 2 choices so the college can see who their competition is.

Winter break is a great opportunity to spend time with your family and take a short break from your sport, but it should not be seen as complete time off. Keep on training and definitely take advantage of the extra time so you can get ahead in the recruiting process. Good luck and happy holidays!

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