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How Athletic Training Helps On and Off The Field

Some parents might argue that sports take away from academics. However, I would argue against that. Sports not only helped motivate my academic desires, but also taught me more than I would ever learn in the classroom. It was because of playing sports, and more specifically working with a private coach, that I learned how to juggle responsibility and excel in multiple disciplines. My private coach not only helped me reach the next level in my athletics but also taught me how to reach the next level in the classroom. Working one on one with a private coach was instrumental in transforming me athletically and academically, ultimately leading to winning the top student award for my college major.

Prior to finding a private coach I felt as if I was wandering through my basketball career without any concrete direction. It all seemed very hit or miss to me. I picked up different skills here and there from participating on teams but nothing that would turn me into the basketball player I wanted to become.

This exact feeling of wandering without direction carried over to all formal learning as well. I did not have concrete direction and was not seeing much progress in my academics. Despite all the encouragement I had from parents, family and friends, my lack of direction led to a lack of interest and I just wanted to get by. However, my academic interest changed when I met my private coach.

From the beginning, my private coach Greg approached basketball and school like a craft, where if I was willing to work and learn, there would be no limits to how much I could achieve. Working one on one with a coach gave me the inspiration and direction that I was lacking. I needed that personal attention from a coach to inspire me to be the best that I could be. Greg put the ball in my court so I was in control of my own destiny. For the first time in my life I felt like I had something I really cared about and goals that I wanted to achieve.

This newfound motivation did not limit itself just to basketball. This motivation carried over to school as well and I quickly became a force to be reckoned with. My newfound love of learning helped me become aware of all the great opportunities to become a student-athlete at a university and I soon realized that I wanted to play collegiate basketball.

Quickly I began to see a more concrete path for myself that ultimately led to where I am today. After playing collegiate and professional basketball, my experiences inspired the idea of CoachUp. It is my hope that by teaching the love of a sport, I can help teach the love of learning and provide great opportunities for young athletes

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Jordan Fliegel is the Founder and CEO of CoachUp, a website that connects athletes with great private coaches in order to help them reach the next level in sports and life. With over 7,000 coaches in 60+ sports across the country, CoachUp is the Nation’s leading private coaching company. Our mission is to help kids change the trajectory of their lives through sports. If you’re interested in booking a private coach today, visit

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