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The Downside Of Not Asking Enough Questions

One common mistake athletes make with both their team and their private coach is not asking enough questions.   While understandably athletes might not have an opportunity to ask a team coach questions in a larger practice setting- this still happens even in 1-on-1 private sessions with a coach.

Particularly with a private coach, it is crucial that the athlete ask questions throughout his or her session.  This is the opportunity in which a coach can break down certain skills, moves or techniques into digestible parts for the athlete’s comprehension and future adoption.

Furthermore, during the breakdown of such drills and techniques, physical weakness or imbalances can be identified by the coach.  The coach can then address them immediately with a correction.  The coach can also then make adjustments to training by adding in strengthening exercises for subsequent sessions and ongoing routines.

Sometimes it is hard to know what the right question to ask a coach is.  The athlete might feel uncomfortable or embarrassed for asking what they think might be a “dumb” question.  Instead the athlete should focus less on what their question sounds like and instead communicate to their coach what their frustration or confusion is.  Going one step further, the athlete can describe their current perception of the issue and outline the sensations they are feeling to the coach.

With more information, the coach is equipped to make an informed and thoughtful recommendation to the athlete.  Coaches appreciate feedback and questions, it allows them to perfect their craft and coaching capabilities, while helping the athlete reach the next level in their training.

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