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How to Emulate Your Favorite Professional Athlete

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We all have idols in our sport. Have you ever wanted to emulate yours? Learn from the pros by training like them, eating like them, and leading like them.


Professional athletes train constantly to become as mentally and physically prepared as possible. They spend well over 6 days a week training for competition. While student-athletes have other commitments, like school, volunteer work, and family obligations, its important to give training everything you have to become as mentally and physically prepared as possible. Even if you're not spending 6 days a week training, give your everything during the times you are training.


Professional athletes eat healthy in order to ensure that they are better prepared for training and giving their bodies proper nutrients. Maintain a well-balance diet to be able to perform your best. Ensure that you eat three meals a day and consume healthy snacks. Some ideas for healthy snacks include almonds, apples with peanut butter and carrots with hummus.


Professional athletes are leaders on their teams. They are able to balance the art of working together and display their own talent. It is important to show how good of an athlete you are. However, your raw talent does not stand alone -- coaches also want to see how well you work with a team. You must be able to be a team player along with being the best you can be to lead a college team.


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