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Importance of Attending Camps

It's important to understand why you should attend camps within your sport. Around the country there is a large selection of camps that vary based on size and location. Many camps are held on college campuses and ran by the current program's coaching staff. By participating in these events athletes gain additional exposure and assist with the recruiting process.

Benefits of Attending Camps

  • Receive top class coaching provided by college coaches and players. This gives athletes an opportunity to improve their skills while viewing the coaches' coaching style.

  • Camps offer insight to the college's program. Before attending a camp you should reach out to the coach and introduce yourself to the coach by providing some

  • While attending a camp athletes will get to work with other athletes. This experience allows you to review your skills and evaluate what areas you need to develop further.

  • College camps give athletes a chance to see the campus. Many camps allow athletes to stay in the campus dorms and have activities on the campus allowing athletes to learn more about the college experience. This along with using the athletic facilities is a great hands on approach to consider if you want to attend.

Where to Find Camps

Many athletes will receive invites to attend specific college camps if they are on a coach's recruiting radar. If you do not receive an invite there are plenty of options available to you. Search for camps at US Sports Camps website, check out camps located in your area at local colleges, or search for camps at colleges you are interested in learning more about during your college search.

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