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The Importance of Playing on a Club Team

Most athletes tryout for their high school team but not every athlete thinks to try out for a local club team in addition to their high school team.  Joining a club team cannot only be good for your personal athletic talent but also for the recruiting process. Here are 5 reasons joining a club team is good for you in the recruiting process:

Scouting purposes. Many times, coaches will only travel to large events for scouting purposes. It is more common to find these larger events in club teams than high school teams. Club teams will often play in events where teams from all over the state, country, or world are playing and coaches like going to events where they will be exposed to large amounts of talent in one place.

It looks good to compete. While your high school season may only last for 3 to 4 months out of the year, many club teams either compete for longer periods of time or compete after your high school season is over. Therefore, you are competing nearly year round and coaches love that!

Exposure to more talent. While high school teams expose you to talent, club teams expose you to additional talent; talent that you may not have seen yet. It’s always good for athletes to play against a high level of talent to stay competitive.

Exposure to new coaching. Many club coaches live and breath the sport that they coach and may have even played at a very high level themselves.  You might learn a new trick or two.

Get a glimpse of the collegiate athlete life. Many club teams travel and this exposes you to the lifestyle of a collegiate athlete. It’s not easy balancing your sport and school at the same time. Learning how to do this early on is very attractive to coaches and will serve you well later in your collegiate career.

Joining a club team in addition to your high school team can help you in the recruiting process. One great resource to find club teams is the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). The AAU is an organization dedicated to the promotion and development of amateur sports and promotes nearly every sport. If AAU is unable to help you find a club team then the next best thing to do is to ask your high school coach if he or she knows about any good club teams to join. Start researching and best of luck!


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