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Outperform Your Competition This Summer With Enduracool

I am not normally one to buy gimmicky sports products that are advertised as “the next best thing.” I believe in investing in essential sports equipment like cleats, golf clubs, tennis rackets, helmets, gloves, and bats but I am pretty conservative when it comes to things like energy chews, certain sports drinks, and gimmicky training tools. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how well Mission’s Enduracool towel worked. As soon as I tried it out, my first thought was how much I wish I had an Enduracool towel when I played professional golf in warm climates like Florida, Texas, Georgia, and Arizona.

Overheating is a serious and common problem in sports, especially among young athletes. Children sweat less than adults, making it harder for their bodies to naturally cool down. It has been estimated that an average of 9,237 U.S. high school athletes miss participating in sports because of heat-illness. The Enduracool towel is an efficient and cost effective solution to help maintain a safe temperature. The towel instantly cools when it is soaked in water, is chemical free which makes it safe for athletes and the environment, and can be used several times as the technology lasts for the duration of the fabric’s life.

Unlike regular wet towels, the Enduracool towel not only stays relatively dry but also cold for several hours. The towel is versatile in that it can be used when dry as well. When the towel is dry, it is soft, lightweight, and absorbs sweat, making it perfect for a gym towel. Professional athletes such as Dwyane Wade, Serena Williams, and Sergio Garcia have used the Enduracool towel and have agreed that it is a great product to help cool your body down and get you refocused.

Since all sports require endurance of some form, the Enduracool towel can help increase endurance to help outperform opponents. Sports scientists have found that by precooling your body before exercising you are more likely to delay fatigue. In fact, many Olympians who competed in warm climates like Athens and Beijing “precooled” before competing. To help keep up your endurance it is important to cool down your body before, during, and after training. The Enduracool towel is perfect for precooling, between exercise intervals to regain focus, and after exercise to help cool down.

As previously mentioned, I am not normally one to buy gimmicky products but the Enduracool towel really is an essential product for athletes who tend to overheat in competition and training. The Enduracool towel really is a game-changing product and I highly recommend you check one out. Enduracool products, powered by CoolCore’s patented technology, can also be found in a whole line of other products such as bandanas, skull caps and arm sleeves. I bought mine at Lowes!

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