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The Things You Should be Doing During Your Sophomore Year

Last week, I wrote about where freshmen in high school should be in the recruiting process and what they should focus on throughout the year. However, now it is time to discuss where sophomore’s in high school should be in the recruiting process, as well as their objectives for the year.

Sophomore year of high school is possibly one of the least exciting times of the recruiting process just because you are too young to email and talk on the phone with coaches. For most sports, the only form of communication that you receive from coaches during your sophomore year is receiving brochures and questionnaires in the mail.

Although sophomore year may not be the most exciting time, it is still a crucial time and possibly the best time to work on your talent. Since there is not a lot going on in terms of communicating with coaches, sophomore year is a great time to get in some extra practice, work on changing mechanics that may not see instant results, and consider adding to your talent by exploring other parts of the game such as sports psychology.

Additionally, sophomore year is a good time to begin introducing your personality to coaches by scheduling unofficial visits. At this point in the recruiting process you should have already put together a list of 20-30 universities that interest you, and have a decent idea of your top 10 schools. Consider scheduling unofficial visits to a couple of the universities in your list of top 10 schools. That way, by the time junior year of high school rolls around you do not have to cram in tons of unofficial visits.

Sophomore year might not be the most exciting time in the recruiting process, but it is a great time to begin getting a head of everyone and planning for the future. Sophomore year is a great time to make changes in your game that you might otherwise be hesitant to do, especially when you are in the midst of updating coaches on your progress on a regular basis.

Start getting a head. Good luck!

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