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The 5 C's of Sports

by Gwinn Nixon

As athletes, and being involved in athletics, you think about why you do it. What drives you to keep going, to take the next step? I was thinking about that today and came up not with 5 reasons to love sports, but 5 C’s of why to truly appreciate what it is to be an athlete and love athletics.

Competition – Because as an athlete this is what you live for, the competition to motivate you to elevate yourself to another level. The competition that is the game you play every chance you get. This is the reason behind your love of the game. Without the competition there is no extra drive to push you over that last hump. And by competition I mean that with the best intentions, the competition where even the person or team that has fewer points at the end is proud to have been a part of it and everyone is congratulated for their effort.

Camaraderie – Because you just don’t form a bond like you do with a team. The experiences you face with those teammates create a bond that lasts forever and you love being a part of it. Because someone has your back now for whatever reason whenever you need it. It is these bonds and relationships that make athletics so special.

Community – Because what comes with these teams is not just team or individual support, it unites a community of individuals. Athletics brings people together and inspires hope, as well as something or someone for people to look up to. Teams, Athletes, Coaches, they all are looked up to in communities and give something back to those communities that can be a great thing to see and experience.

Connections – Because being involved in athletics, you get to meet a lot of people and a lot of friends. Whether it be opposing players, coaches, administration, or even community members, you make a lot of connections in your time as an athlete. These same connections are the lasting ones that can help you later in life and in your career.

Character – Because being involved in athletics, being an athlete, it can make you a better person. The role models and leaders and inspiring people involved in athletics can help build you into someone you want to and yearn to be. So many people find a mentor in sports, and more often than not it is a positive reminder of how much athletics and being involved in athletics can make a lasting impression on everyone.

These five C’s express how much Athletics have meant not just to me, but how special they can be to so many people. I'm happy to be able to share them with all of you. So don’t be afraid to get involved, give it your all, and work hard for your goals and your dreams. But putting in the work is only the first step…

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