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Training Outside of Supervised Practice Sessions

Being an athlete is demanding for a multitude of reasons.  One reason is because athletes need to practice and train frequently, even beyond coaching sessions and competition.  Training and conditioning must continue year round and in between formal practice, coaching, competition and seasons.

We often see athletes fall out of a training routine in between seasons, but the error we are addressing specifically happens when athletes neglect to do the appropriate conditioning work outside of designated coaching or practice times.  Whether that’s base cardio work, strength circuits or lifting, these workouts are all too often dropped from an athlete’s regime.

One of the reasons athletes drop this training is because they do not understand the importance to their supplemental assignments.  This is especially seen in college athletes.  These athletes generally have a heavy academic workload and are enjoying the activities and social opportunities made available to them on campus.  So when an assignment or a social event comes the athlete’s way, they tend to make a quick decision and drop the additional, non-supervised, training.

To help remedy this issue athletes should work with their coach or trainer to understand the purpose and benefit of the assigned extra training. Additionally, trainers should create a custom training plan that will account for existing or known social or school commitments- reducing the risk or temptation to skip the training work. Understanding the purpose and overall physical benefit will help the athlete place more value on the exercises in the context of their athletic career.

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