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Tips for Seniors Looking for College Roster Spots

As a senior if you are in the process of finding a roster spot during your spring semester you will need to be VERY PROACTIVE. Many coaches are in the process of finalizing their team for the 2014-2015 season and will continue to do so throughout the semester. Don’t wait until May to try and get recruited coaches are still looking for athletes like you. Here are tips to help you find a roster spot.

  • Review your academic eligibility. Make sure you are meet the academic guidelines to play college sports (review the guidelines for the NCAA here or the NAIA here) and be admitted to the colleges you are interested in attending. Each college has different criteria to be admitted, which can usually be found on the college's website in the admissions section. If time allows consider retaking the ACT or SAT to improve your score. A higher score will increase your odds of receiving more scholarships.

  • Call coaches of the colleges you are interested in attending. By getting coaches on the phone you can know immediately if there are roster spots available and/or if they are interested in your ability. Ask questions allowing you to know if the coach still has you on their list of potential student-athletes.

  • Broaden your search. If you haven’t heard back from colleges you’ve contacted consider looking at other divisions of competition. This is also a great time for a third party to evaluate your ability (a high school/club coach is a great option). Once you receive your evaluation you'll know where your ability stacks up and if you are considering the right level of competition.

  • Continue to follow up via email and sharing your BeRecruited profile. As previously mentioned some colleges don’t finalize their roster until later in the spring semester. If this is the case (or if a college does not have athletes sign National Letters of Intent) it’s important to keep the communication lines open. When you email coaches:

    • Don’t send generic emails. Personalize the email with the coaches name and college information.

    • Don’t “cc” multiple coaches. Coaches want to know why you are interested in their program.

  • Consider walk-on positions. If you are set on a particular college and discover they don’t have any available roster spots consider walking onto the team. Before walking onto the team speak with the coaches to understand the requirements and potential to eventually get a roster spot. There is the potential for a walk-on spot to turn into a scholarship athlete.

Best of luck as you continue to down the path to achieve your dream of playing sports in college. There are still open roster spots and scholarships (athletic and academic) available you just need to continue to be proactive searching and contacting college coaches.

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