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March's Top 100 Colleges with the Most Athlete Bookmarks

Bookmarking colleges is one way athletes can express interest in college programs. Registered coaches are notified of the athletes who bookmark their college and it gives athletes an quick location to access the college's profile. This list shares the colleges who received the most athlete bookmarks for the month of March.

1 University of North Carolina, Charlotte
2 North Carolina State University
3 Florida Atlantic University
4 Florida State University
5 University of Virginia
6 Duke University
7 Baylor University
8 Clemson University
9 Florida Gulf Coast University
10 University of Florida
11 Stanford University
12 Bucknell University
13 University of Miami
14 Ohio University
15 Hardin-Simmons University
16 Auburn University
17 Ohio State University
18 Alabama State University
19 Texas A&M University
20 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
21 Syracuse University
22 Michigan State University
23 East Carolina University
24 University of Alabama
25 Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College
26 Princeton University
27 Florida Institute of Technology
28 University of Kentucky
29 Cornell University
30 University of Georgia
31 University of Pennsylvania
32 Abilene Christian University
33 University of Tennessee
34 LaGrange College
35 Texas Christian University
36 Southern Virginia University
37 University of Arkansas at Little Rock
38 University of California, Los Angeles
39 University of San Diego
40 Texas Tech University
41 University of Michigan
42 University of Notre Dame
43 Wake Forest University
44 California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
45 University of California, San Diego
46 University of Maryland, College Park
47 Rollins College
48 University of Tampa
49 San Diego State University
50 Brown University
51 University of Texas at Austin
52 University of South Florida
53 University of Arizona
54 Occidental College
55 Clearwater Christian College
56 University of Iowa
57 Florida International University
58 University of Oregon
59 Eckerd College
60 Boston College
61 Southwestern University
62 Coastal Carolina University
63 Boston University
64 Arizona State University
65 Fordham University
66 Texas State University-San Marcos
67 Humboldt State University
68 Harvard University
69 Texas A&M University - Commerce
70 Tennessee Technological University
71 George Mason University
72 University of Houston
73 Mississippi State University
74 Bowling Green State University
75 Bellarmine University
76 University of California, Berkeley
77 Villanova University
78 University of Central Florida
79 Western Carolina University
80 Texas A&M University - Kingsville
81 Purdue University
82 Georgia State University
83 Columbia University, School of General Studies
84 Elon University
85 California Lutheran University
86 Georgetown University
87 Georgia Institute of Technology
88 Wingate University
89 North Carolina Central University
90 Creighton University
91 University of California, Santa Barbara
92 Texas Wesleyan University
93 Lehigh University
94 Galveston College
95 Towson University
96 Missouri State University
97 Temple University
98 Indiana University Bloomington
99 Oregon State University
100 University of North Carolina at Pembroke

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