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Things To Know About The Transition From High School To College

The transition from your senior year of high school to your freshman year of college will most likely be one of the biggest struggles of your college career. The transition is like an invisible pressure that somehow adds stress to your life and in many cases, affects performance.

This stress is understandable as freshmen are finally living on their own, responsible for cooking, cleaning, school work, practices, workouts, and balancing a social life as they try to establish themselves in their new environment. Freshmen are taken out of their comfort zone, forced to organize their schedules so they make it on time to class, practice, and workouts. My college coach used to say, “if you’re on time, you’re late” and trust me, she was not joking! This transition can be one of the biggest struggles but it is a struggle worth taking because it forces you to mature faster. Here are three tips to help you through this transition period.

1.    Organize your day ahead of time. Organization is going to be your best friend in college. It will help you by getting everything in order. Life as a collegiate athlete is extremely busy and it is imperative to be organized so you do not miss deadlines. I advise purchasing a large calendar similar to THIS and hanging it above your bed. Write your monthly agenda on this calendar including practices, workouts, competitions, school events, and homework deadlines. After each day, cross off the day and look at plans for the following the day.

2.   Push yourself even harder the month before you arrive on campus. You might already be working out with a personal trainer or pushing yourself hard in the gym. However, team workouts are rarely free style and you will be pushed in the gym harder than you have ever been pushed. You might even discover muscles you did not even know existed! With that said, prepare for sore muscles by pushing yourself even harder than you have so you can arrive on campus ready to train.

3.    Practice being on time. Being on time will serve you well in college, trust me! Depending on who your coach is, you might be punished if you are late to team events. Many coaches have team rules that allow you to be late 1-3 times but after that, you might be summoned to an extra workout of some sort. I advise practicing being on time even if it is to meet your friend for lunch on a Sunday. Try planning out how long it will take to get to your destination and then leave five minutes earlier than that. Nothing is worse than waking up at 5:30am to find out you caused your entire team 10 minutes of wall squats because of your tardiness!

The transition from high school to college can be a big struggle but if you start planning ahead it can help tremendously! Best of luck!

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