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Three Things You Need to Know About FAFSA

As you consider your options for paying for college, many colleges and scholarship providers will require you to fill out forms to determine your financial need. The main form is the FAFSA, or the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It is required to receive any type of federal student aid in the form of grants, loans or work-study.

 Key steps to using the FAFSA to get financial aid:

Get organized
Collect all the documents that you will need for yourself and, if you are a dependent on your parents’ taxes, for your parents. Documents include your Social Security Number, driver’s license, bank statements, income tax returns and investment records. You also need to determine the FAFSA deadlines for the schools were you’re applying. Although the government sets one final FAFSA deadline, many colleges and states want it filled out earlier. Some schools may also have additional forms to fill out.

Fill out the FAFSA
You can fill out the application online. The form will ask for information about you, your finances, your school plans and more.

Follow up
You can view your results online, check the status of your file, and make corrections online.

For more detailed information on the FAFSA, please go to


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