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BeRecruited Definitions

Below are the definitions of various terms that are used throughout BeRecruited:

Interested Coaches: This is your primary metric, located at the top of the Dashboard, under Coach Tracker. It is the number of coaches that have viewed or bookmarked your profile. Deluxe users receive exclusive access to view the specific names and colleges of these coaches in the Coach Tracker.

Coach Bookmarks: These are the coaches who are interested in following you more closely, and will see your profile updates when they log in.

Coach Connections: This number includes all the information in Total Coach Profile Views, plus actions you take to interact with coaches, such as bookmarking colleges, inviting coaches to view your profile, and sending letters of interest.

Total Coach Profile Views: This number tells you how deeply coaches are digging into your profile. Each time a coach views your athletic, academic or personal information, photos, videos or blogs, this number increases by one.

Approved Profile: An athlete's profile becomes an approved profile when the athlete's high school or club coach reviews it for accuracy and approves it. This can be revoked by the approving coach at any time. While being approved doesn't ensure it's 100% accurate, it does show that the athlete's coach reviewed it and felt that the athlete was making a fair representation of their academic and athletic abilities.

Committed Athletes: This athlete has changed their profile status to COMMITTED. It's important to understand that athlete commitments are self-reported by the athletes' themselves and as such, are unverified. All committed athletes will have a note giving further details such as the date when the user updated their profile status and where they will be attending college. Visit our Athlete Commitments page for a detailed list of committed athletes.

Deluxe Accounts: The majority of BeRecruited's services are 100% free for athletes. There are additional features to increase an athlete's exposure as part of our Deluxe Account. This additional exposure helps athletes who upgrade to deluxe receive, on average, 3 times the interest from college coaches when compared to other athletes on BeRecruited. Some of the other benefits of a Deluxe Account include: being able to see coaches who have viewed your profile and our Letter-of-Interest Generator. LEARN MORE ABOUT UPGRADING TO DELUXE

Letter of Recommendation: High school and club coaches can choose to write a letter of recommendation for any athlete they are currently associated with to help college coaches in the recruiting process. These coaches first have to be registered users and connected to the athlete's profile before they can write a letter of recommendation. College coaches should use these letters as one additional data point when evaluating a potential recruit and shouldn't read too much into one recommendation. BeRecruited urges college coaches to talk to any athlete's coaches directly in person or via phone to get a more comprehensive assessment of an athlete's ability.

NCAA Eligibility Center: According to the NCAA all prospective student-athletes intending to enroll in an NCAA Division I or II institution for the first time on or after August 1, 2007 must complete the NCAA Amateurism Certification questionnaire from the NCAA Eligibility Center. If you intend to play at the NCAA Division I or II level beRecruited highly recommends completing the NCAA Eligibility questionnaire sometime during fall of your senior year. LEARN MORE

Private & Public Profiles: Both private and public profiles limit the depth of information you can see about a particular user. For example, unless you are a college coach or an athlete's high school or club coach you aren't able to see sensitive information about the athlete such as their contact information, SAT, GPA, etc. A private profile takes it one-step further and you are not able to see any of the athlete's profile unless you are a registered coach. The vast majority of the users choose to have a public profile that allows any athletic statistics, photos, video clips or blog posts they might have added to their account to be shown to the public.

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