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How To Increase Coach Views (Tip #1)

Ever wonder why your BeRecruited profile is not getting as many coach views as you would like? If you have, then you should continue reading! There are four key features on the BeRecruited platform that initiate the connection with college coaches. The first two key features are features that showcase your talent - statistics and videos. The other two key features are features that advertise and attract – bookmarking/inviting and letters of interest. The important thing to keep in mind is that you do not want to advertise and attract if you do not have anything to showcase. With that said, here is the first tip to increasing your coach views.

Input your statistics. Many high school athletes think that by uploading an avatar photo and listing their graduation year and high school that coaches will view their profile. This is definitely NOT the case! If you do not have anything to show to coaches in regard to your athletic and academic talent, then they will be unable to assess your talent and therefore lose interest. With that said, input both your athletic and academic statistics.

Additionally, coaches search for a criteria that will meet their program and schools needs. For example, a coach might search for an athlete who has a batting average of X amount and a GPA of 3.8. However, if the athlete leaves their GPA or batting average blank then they might not appear as a top choice. The more statistics you have the merrier!

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